“Watchmen: Season 2” is it worth waiting for or should we appease ourselves with the initial season?


Watchmen is United State’s famous superhero show which is based on DC comics written by Alan Moore and Dave gibbons. Thinking about DC’s comics let our mind wanders in the imaginations of superheroes who saved the world with their superpower. Watchmen season 1 which was telecasted on HBO gives another impact on the society which is struggling with racism. Here, you will get the answer to your most requested question!


Watchmen Season 2: Release Date

One of the most nominated Emmy Award show has not been given green light yet for the second season. We found the creator Lindelöf addressing the viewers who are eagerly waiting for the second season to start to tell Entertainment Weekly that he still have not thought about making the sequel as it requires a cool mind and creative ideas which he seems to have lost and also he has not given any assurance whether there will be another season for the same but he has still not dropped the idea for giving the series another shot.

Season 1 started on 20th October 2019 and ended on 15th December 2019 with a total of nine episodes. So the question arises that if it is really worth waiting for the second season? Our suggestion is NO! As the production house has already given so many hints that they won’t be continuing with watchmen so try to appease yourself with first season fans!

Watchmen: Cast

The cast has been lit up with enthusiastic and experienced actors. Let’s dive into the sea of actors who are playing intriguing roles in the series-

Angela Abar/Sister Night is playing the role of Regina King, Judd Crawford who is the chief of the Tulsa police is the role played by Don Johnson, Wade Tillman/Looking Glass, a detective with a reflective mask is the role which is played by Tim Blake Nelson Calvin Abar who is Angela’s husband is the role played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Will Reeves who is Angela’s grandfather, and the original Hooded Justice whose role is played by Louis Gossett Jr., Adrian Veidt who was responsible for causing a fake apocalyptic event is the role played by Jeremy Irons, Laurie Blake, formerly the Silk Spectre and now an FBI agent whose role is played by Jean Smart, and Lady Trieu, a mysterious and dangerous business mogul whose role is played by Hong Chau.

Watchmen: Storyline

The series has a total of 9 episodes with a duration of 1 hour each which proves that the viewer requires a lot of time for the same but if you ask our opinion then it’s worth watching it for one hour. The show focuses on the protagonist Angela who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The show keeps on switching between present and past. It shows the highlight of the Tulsa massacre of 1921 between whites and blacks and from 1985 which is originally extracted from the comic series. The series focuses on the time period after the year 1985. It is difficult for the audience to understand this series if they are not versed with American history, the DC comic, and the Watchmen movie as all of them form the crucial crux of the show.

It highlights the use of a yellow mask which is worn by police officers who want to safeguard their own life. There are lots of references to Vietnam as well. In the show, Angela is handling the case of a murdered police officer. It requires lots of patience in the first half of the series but the viewer starts developing an interest in the latter part of the series. Do you feel that your questions are unanswered at the end of the season? Then you should watch the season again and especially the sixth episode of the season where you will find all your answers as we cannot expect a sequel.



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