Will Marco and Star’s sweet love story set to begin amidst dangers? Here’s all that you need to know about the 5th Season of Disney’s Star vs The Force of Evil!


Disney Channel has never backed down from making fantasy, animated cartoons that can be enjoyed both by kids as well as adults alike. Star vs The Force of Evil is one such show that has managed to steal the hearts of many owing to its simple yet fantastic storyline.

This Daron Nefcy show has received quite a response over the past 4 seasons and now fans are going crazy asking for the date of air of the 5th season. But, worry not as you have come to the right place. We are going to share with you all the information we possess. Read below!

Star vs The Force of Evil 5: Release Date

Fans must be aware that the latest season that is the 4th one premiered on 10th March in the pre-pandemic days of 2019. Since then, we haven’t heard anything from the show-makers or Disney Channel regarding a renewal. So is a 5th season due or is it not?

Well, frankly speaking, there has been no news regarding the production procedure of the 5th edition let alone the date of airing so it’s very difficult to intercept when will the 5th season come to our screens. But, guess what, fans have even sent petitions regarding a comeback season, so there might be a shimmer of hope that Disney might consider their request. But, it’s too soon to hope for anything now.

Star vs The Force of Evil: Cast

The amazing voiceover artists in the show include the protagonists Eden Sher aka the bubbly Star and Adam McArthur aka the handsome Marco. Others consist of Nia Vardalos in the shoes of the dainty Mrs. Diaz, Dee Dee Rescher voicing the character of Skullnicka, Nate Torrence aka the funky Ferguson, Alan Tudyk aka Ludo, and Artt Butler aka Mr. Diaz the spouse of Mrs. Diaz.

All these characters are bound to return if the renewal of the 5th edition is confirmed by Disney and there is also ample scope that new cast members are also introduced.

Star vs The Force of Evil 5: Plot

In the expected plot, we can witness that the budding romances between Marco and his secret love Star who would finally confess their mutual admiration for one another. There might be moments of love, and passion but as is true with every love story challenges, and tears are always a threat.

Moreover, we have to see the decision Star is going to take to defeat the evil plans of Mina Loveberry but will she put her love, Marco behind to take over her kingdom? There’s a lot of suspense involved in the 5th season and we hope it comes out soon!

Star vs The Force of Evil 4: Storyline

In the final few moments of the 4th season, we witness that Marco getting more close to Star as they accept each other’s differences of Star being a princess possessing magical powers coming from a different dimension altogether and Marco being an ordinary human being and secretly loving star.

We also see both Star and her die-hard lover Marco strategize a way of defeating the warriors of Solarian keen on taking over Star’s world but at a hefty price which is of Star permanently losing her supernatural powers and the realm between both the worlds will close so that Star might never be able to visit Marco. Watch the 4th season trailer here!

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