Will the civilians survive the post-apocalyptic destruction? Watch what might happen in The 100 season 8 or not?


You have to agree, Netflix produces some of the best science fiction shows of all time. One such notable series that has garnered quite an assertive response from both the critics as well as the binge-watchers is none other than The 100!

The series is loosely based upon the works of an eminent novelist named Kass Morgan, titled the same. Having a score of 7.6 on 10, on the rating platform IMDb and with a nail-biting 7th season, fans are now asking for the date of release of the 8th one. But, worry not as we have you covered. Read below to find out all that you want to know about your favorite franchise.

The 100 8: Release Date

It’s been almost one year since the 7th season appeared on our screens on the 20th of May 2020 containing 16 gripping episodes. While it was rumoured that having completed a total of 100 enthusiastic and hooking episodes, these how would not return anymore, there have been talks doing that it might not be the case.

Although Netflix hasn’t announced anything officially chances of a renewal of the highly anticipated 8th season seem slim. But, that doesn’t leave room for disappointment as the makers of the show have some good news to share! It is that they are planning on a much greater prequel related to the show that would be named ” The 100: Second Dawn ” which would be focusing on the world after a gap of two years of the dangerous apocalypse. Are you ready for it?

The 100: Cast

The brilliant cast members of this show are as follows; the beautiful Eliza Taylor aka Clark Griffin, Paige Turco aka Abigail Abby Griffin, Henry Ian Cusick aka Marcus Cain, Bob Morley aka Bellamy Blake, and Thomas McDonell aka Finn Collins.

Other actors include Marie Avgeropoulos aka Octavia Blake, the handsome Shannon Cook aka Jordan Green, and the mesmerizing Lindsay Morgan aka Raven Reyes. You can expect many of these actors returning for the expected prequel to give you an exciting watch!

The 100: Plot

Although not much is known about the prequel as it is still in the scent stage we can expect some incidents that relate to the lives of the people stuck in holes and how are they coping with a deserted planet with the bare minimum for survival like food, water, and shelter.

We might see what are the dangers awaiting them on the cold planet, whether any creatures are hiding in plain sight, and most importantly whether these poor folks achieve a better future in the coming years by making the Earth a civilized place to live in again!

The 100 7: Storyline

Set on a dystopian, barren, and the almost uninhabitable planet after the disastrous nuclear battle, there arrives a mysterious spaceship around 97 years later in the hope to make the Earth more habitable than before but is it that easy to be done?

We see that in the 7th episode people dealing with the trauma with the convergence of many stories of different people portrayed on the screens as some of them get stuck in the deep and dirty bunker waiting to be rescued, their survival seeming bleak while others are stuck on some outer space and other many dangers lurking around. Endless possibilities mark the 7th season which might hold a clue to the prequel. Here’s the trailer for the final season.

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