Is your mind still lingering about the next season of “TOP BOY: Season 4”? Then tighten up your seatbelts for another jolly ride!


Did your hope for season 4 of Top Boy drop-down when the COVID-19 hit up? If yes, we have got a piece of good news for fans! The Top Boy season 4 is coming up again on Netflix very soon as Ashley Walters himself announced that he is finally back on set for the filming of season 4 in December of 2020. Here’s a peek through Netflix Twitter’s account post about the same.

Release Date: Top Boy Season 4

Although there is no official notification for another sequel, there is speculation that by the end of this year, Top Boy fans will be able to watch their next favorite season. As through the tweet, it gets crystal clear that leads role actors have got back on the set and soon we will get the notification about the release date. The creators have still not released the official trailer so it is assumed that after one month of the trailer all the waiting for the show will end.

Cast: Top Boy Season 4

The creators have yet not given any hints about any new face that might be seen in the next season. Although it will be exciting to see if there’s any fresh and unique character that will take up the role to twist the plot. Here are talented entertainers who are expected to be the faces of season 4. Here are some characters of Top Boy Ashley Walters has taken the role of Dushane, Kane Robinson is playing the role of Sully, Jasmine Jobson has taken the role of Jaq, Michael Ward is playing the role of Jamie, and Lisa Dwan has taken the role of Lizzie. More actors are going to keep you engage in the series.

Plot: Top Boy Season 4

As we have no official trailer in our hands so it is tough to do any sort of guesswork. But did you hear the sound of a gunshot at the end? Are you thinking if the character is still alive or passed away? Or maybe the bullet didn’t even touch at all? If yes then stay calm and wait for the next season to show up. There were lots of questions in season 3 that will be answered in the coming up show.

Storyline: Top Boy

This series has thrown light on the fellow citizens of the fictional Summerhouse estate in Hackney, London. It has described London as a place where people spend a ton of currency on drugs to get high. It is purely surrounded by the use of drugs, weeds, and many other injurious kinds of stuff. Being broadcasted first in 2011 on Channel 4 the show collected lots of fame and love but due to some critical acclaim, it got canceled after the second season in 2014 as it put a permanent mark on the communities of British culture but again the show came up back again on Netflix. If you keep a keen interest in thrillers and dark shows then Top Boy is for you. It gives the scenario where the society is filled with two kinds of people- The first, who want to live the ideal and respectable life, and the second who form the drug gang and operate openly. The protagonist Dushane is admiring to be the Top Boy of the town by being in the chains of drug dealers. The series is full of thrillers and gangsters.


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