The superheroes are far away from us!! Incredible 3 wants you to have more patience!


We are confident that there must be a smile after having a look at the title. Why? Because it’s everybody’s dearest and loved series. The most famous superheroes whom juniors have given their hearts and even get dressed up like them in any fancy competitions are still waiting for an ‘Incredible 3’ and it’s not just about young pupils but even people from all ages have shown their affection towards this series.

Release Date: Incredibles 3

As we are seeing the trend of every series that they are getting delayed due to the pandemic, Incredibles 3 has also joined the same race. There is no official announcement or assurance from the creators that if they are even planning to have a third season. The previous season was aired after getting announced three years back. So can we expect season 3 to come soon? Our answer is NO. There is not even a single hint about the release of another season. No trailers, no tweets about the opening up of sets, no assurance from the creators and production house so we cannot expect the season to come up anytime soon before 2024.

Cast: Incredibles Season 3

Although we have no news about the season 3 cast we are here to make you familiar with those who have given voice to your loved characters. Craig T. Nelson has given voice to the character of Mr. Incredible, Holly Hunter has given voice to Elastigirl, Violet Parr has got the voice from Sarah Vowell, Dash has got the voice from Huck Milner, Catherine Keener has given voice to Evelyn Deavor, Jack parr has got a voice from Eli Fucile and many other talented stars have given their voice to the characters of Incredible to bring life into them. Once we have the trailer with us it will get crystal clear about any other new additions.

Storyline: Incredibles

Incredibles which came up in 2004, is a computer-animated series that is filled with superheroes who have tons of superpowers. We witness in the series that during 1950 there used to be many superheroes in the city who used to safeguard the city from wrongdoings and robbery. Every citizen of that city was aware of them. The series first introduced us to the most powerful man Bob and the second one was Elastigirl. Before the police used to reach the incident place, the case used to be already solved by the superheroes.

One day, one big mishap took place, and one little lad ruined the situation by breaking the railway tracks and Bob used all his force to stop the train and on that day he got married to Elastigirl as well. Once Bob saved one man from doing suicide and there was a lot of criticism by the citizens of the city due to which a ban was imposed on the superheroes and they had to live a life secretly. After 15 years, the government develops an organization where superheroes can get a job as Bob was satisfied with the current job he was doing at the insurance company. Violet is seen in the series as Bob and Elastigirl’s daughter who has the power to get invisible and their son Dash who is the most notorious pupil. Exciting? Isn’t it. We understand why the fans are still waiting for the third season but unfortunately pandemic has engulfed all the excitement.



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