Season 2 of Yona of the Dawn not getting a renewal anymore? Here’s what we know about this awesome anime show!


One of the most intriguing anime shows ever made is Yona of the Dawn that has been loved and appreciated by many anime fans all over the world due to its superb story and the amazing anime locations with which people seem to fall head over heels!

Now, after completing an awesome 1st season anime freaks are dying to know whether they will be able to witness another season soon enough. Well, then read below to find out whether these Mizuho Kusanagi illustrations are coming to live, on-screen again or not!

Yona of the Dawn 2: Release Date

Anime watchers already know that that the 1st chapter aka season received a massive response from fans and critics alike having an interesting set of about 27 episodes released long back in the year 2014. So, is there an essence of a 2nd season somewhere close by?

Well, sorry to break your bubble but chances are high that Yona of the Dawn, your all-time lovable anime might not get a renewal or approval for the 2nd chapter. There have been reports that the 1st season was a mere hit, only amongst anime freaks, and failed in gathering a larger profit needed for the 2nd edition. Hence, don’t raise your hopes too high as chances of renewal are almost nil!

Yona of the Dawn 2: Cast

The amazing voiceover artists who have made this show a success is Tomoaki Maeno aka Son Hak, Monica Rial, and Chiwa Saito lending their voice to Yona, Junichi Suwabe aka Jae-he, Junko Minagawa aka Yun, and Masakazu Morita aka Ki-Ja!

Other voice casts consist of Nobuhiko Okamoto and Christopher Sabat. Newer artists can also be considered if the showrunners decide to run for an upcoming season. But since chances seem slight we might see only the above-mentioned cast, if at all!

Yona of the Dawn 2: Plot

For the expected plot, we might witness Yona venture towards Kouka a newer realm to give away her retribution while the mythical dragon aka Zena might come across a powerful force forming a plot twist for the story. Yona might also visit the famous saint, named Ik-Soo who will advise her regarding the age-old tales of 4 mystical dragons!

Yona can then continue her journey in search of the serpents having four wings each and in the way face trials and tribulations which she overcomes naturally and makes her journey a success. It’s hard to predict what actually might happen in the 2nd part as the show had premiered 7 years ago!

Yona of the Dawn: Storyline

The story sets foot in a Japanese realm popularly termed Kouka where Yona is the princess who is shown to be a free-spirited and bubbly girl. But things change upon the arrival of her birthday, the day she turns 16 as Su-won who fancies Yona professes his love for her.

But soon enough Su-won shows his evil side when he assassinates Yona’s father, the King so that he can become the ruler of Kouka. But luckily Hak helps Yona to escape Su-won’s grasp and together they arrive at Wind Clan, another realm, from where their adventures begin. Here’s the official trailer.

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