Will there be “Classroom of the Elite Season 2” on screen or not? Read to know everything that we know so far!


No one puts down their hands if they did not come across the animes or cartoons in their life. The “classroom of the elite” is an anime series that originated in Japan and is watched all over the world. From this topic, you will come to know about the release date, cast, and further details here!

Release Date: classroom of the elite S2

This news may disappoint the audience of the classroom of the elite as the official release date for the classroom of the elite season 2 was not announced. But there is a hope which was given by the net source. It says that the second season of the classroom of the elite will be released in September 2021. It is not an official announcement though. But have faith and hope in the producers.

Cast: Classroom of the elite S2

As there is no official information regarding the inclusion of new casts, it is believed that this series most probably have the old casts seen in the first season of this anime. Those popular characters are listed here! Ayanokouji, Horikita, Kushida, Hashimoto, Ichinose, Kai, Kovenji, and more and more! (as they are the Japanese anime characters, their names are also in Japanese).

Apart from these casts, there might be some minor casts whose names are not mentioned here. This anime indeed attracted more audiences in a short period.

Plot: Classroom of the elite S2

The plot of this series is not out officially. Even no one is sure that the classroom of the elite season 2 will be out or not. The reason is simple. It did not make much profit. It was sold around 1400 copies. The light novels were sold in great numbers. Even this anime became famous only due to light novels. It had got many efforts to illustrate, animate and direct the movie. But the novel classroom of the elite did not sell more than 1400 copies. This ratio freaks the audience that whether season 2 of the classroom of the elite will come out or not? It is still being unanswered by the production department.

Storyline: classroom of the elite S2

The story of season 2 was not released yet. But this may be the continuation of the first season as it has more probability of drawing the familiar casts of the first season. So the first season dealt with a student named Ayanokouji who was poor in communication but secured very good marks in his entrance examination. Due to his good scores, he entered an elite school owned by the government. There he comes to know about elite education where he joined to develop his skills at an advanced level. From here the first part begins.

Trailer: classroom of the elite S2

This anime was animated by Lerche Studio in Japan. They did a great job in animating. Their animation brought more audience than the release of novels. So the fans may hope for the season 2 release because the light novels sold in big numbers than the hard copies. So it has more probability for the release of season 2 of the classroom of the elite. Until then stay tuned for the updates here!


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