Can Rimuru slay the evil Clayman in Season 3 of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime? Read to find out all the details of your favorite anime!


Anime has never shied away from being over-the-top in terms of fantasy and otherworldly stuff. The same goes for the popular anime franchise known as That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. This fantasy series has garnered a popular reputation amongst fans owing to its superb story.

Now, after a successful 1st and 2nd season, viewers are dying to know whether this series, loosely following the novel of the same name by novelist Fuse and illustrator Mitz Vah is getting renewed for a 3rd chapter. Read below to clear all your doubts.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime 3: Release Date

Lovers of this Netflix production must know that the recent 2nd chapter of the much-loved anime appeared on-screen recently in the month of July 2021 on the 6th. Having received positive reviews, the highly appreciated 2nd season is set to conclude this September itself.

So, is a 3rd renewal on the way? Well, to be honest, we haven’t received any news from the production team as to whether the anime is gearing for an upcoming edition or not. But, don’t be disappointed, as there have been rumour leaks that most probably the 3rd season will get aired by the mid-months of 2023!

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime 3: Cast

Be ready to welcome all the phenomenal Japanese and English voiceover artists in the 3rd instalment. Those are Miho Okasaki and Brittney Karbowski aka Rimuru the human-turned-slime, Megumi Toyoguchi and Mallorie Rodak aka the Great Sage, and Asuna Tomari and Ryan Reynolds voicing Gobta.

Other voice members include Chikahiro Kobayashi and Tyson Rinehart giving their voice to Ranga and Mao Ichimichi and Michelle Rojas lending their voices to Shion.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime 3: Plot

Although it’s close to impossible to decipher what might happen in the 3rd season as the 2nd volume is yet to conclude but we have our guesses ready of what might happen. In the 3rd part, we might see our protagonist Rimuru try to avenge the numerous deaths which occurred in the city of Tempest by assassinating Clayman.

We might also get to see what destiny has in store for our poor Carrion and the dangerous repercussions that may happen at the Holy Church of West due to the newfound freedom of Veldora. Other adventures and battles might also pop up unexpectedly!

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime 2: Storyline

This anime follows the plot of a normal corporate human, Satoru Mikami who after being brutally stabbed to death finds himself reincarnated into a greasy slime in some other dimension. But he is quick to hone special skills, befriending a dragon, and becoming a leader titled Rimuru of the Tempest city.

From what we know of the running 2nd chapter is that after a lethal fight Rimuru gets revived after three long days along with his subordinates like Shion who all are transformed including Rimuru. Rimuru learns specific details of what is happening and finds out that Clayman might be the root of all evil. In the final moments, Rimuru offers Veldora his human resemblance. Watch the trailer here.

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