House of Card season 6 coming soon! Get ready for the intense political drama and thriller!


Do you like to do huddles and examine certain circumstances and dilemmas? Then a series directed by many directors House of Cards will be one of your favorites as its core revolves around the hegemonic country USA. If you haven’t watched this series yet and have all the interest we touched on then pal you are missing a huge thing! So let’s get into the details and this article is for you if you are a fan already or are going to be one soon!

Release Date: House of Cards Season 7

Till now there is no official declaration about the release date of House of Cards Season 7 but there is speculation that season 7 will be landing up on Netflix somewhere in mid-2022 till then hold your horses’ fans! Although we go through the release of previous seasons then the previous season was released on 2nd November 2018, the fifth and the fourth season was released in the initial months of  2017 and 2016 respectively and the first season was released in February 2013 so we can see a trend of getting released in earlier months of a year but due to the pandemic, we can expect some delay in the release of season 7.

Cast: House of Cards 7

As we have no deep details about the star cast of season 7, we get you familiar with the main star cast of House of Cards. Robin Wright is heading the role of President as Claire Underwood, Kevin Spacey who took the role of Frank Underwood, Douglas Stamper role is being played by Michael Kelly, Greg Kinnear is heading the role of Bill Shephard, Tom Hammerschmidt role is being played up by Boris McGiver, FBI Assistant Director Nathan Green character is being played by Jeremy Holm, Campbell Scott has taken up the role of Vice President Mark Usher and many other actors who have taken up the thrilling roles.

Plot: House of Cards Season 7

We have no official teaser in hand which can give us an idea about how season 7 will be but as we observed that the President starts doubting herself that she doesn’t deserve to be at this position and gets fade away for almost three weeks and the seat is handled by Usher for the time being and many other hustles keep on taking place so we are surmising that the next season will be going to answers all the questions that were left unanswered in season 6.

Storyline: House of Cards

House of Cards is a political and thriller drama based on the most famous novel House of Cards penned down by Michael Dobbs. The story revolves around Frank Underwood who is a congressman and the House Majority Whip. He was promised to be the secretary of the state but as it goes in saying that promises are meant to be broken and so was this promise and then comes the feeling of betrayal and revenge. So the series revolves around his journey of taking revenge. If you haven’t seen season 1 then it will be probable that it might not interest you in few episodes but as the episodes move the intensity increases and the thriller starts. The trailer of season 6 will give you some pieces of ideas.


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