“Supernatural Season 16” won’t be showing up on the screen that soon! Till then read to know other details of this horror series!


As the name suggests ‘Supernatural’ so is the series truly supernatural? Well, No! It is crammed with drama, horridness, mystery, adventure, and fantasy This American series is winning hearts since it landed on the network and the fans are still striving for one more season. By bringing about 16 seasons so far, we feel the creators want ease and peace. So is the supernatural season 17 canceled? Well, read more to know the answer to this question.

Release Date: Supernatural Season 16

Unfortunately, we don’t see any glimpse of light about the release date of Supernatural season 16. As we said before that the creators need ease and peace so we can even conclude that season 15 was the showdown and we should not expect season 16 to show up but it is even hard for fans to bid a final goodbye to a series in which they invested so much time and watched it with their heart and soul till season 15.

Supernatural Season 15 started getting aired from 10th October 2019 to 19th November of 2020. Supernatural season 14 started getting aired from 11th October 2018 to April 2019. Its season 13 started getting aired from 12th October to 2017. So seeing this trend we can surmise that if any day there is the official announcement of the release date of supernatural season 16, we can expect it to be in October.

Cast and Plot: Supernatural Season 16

As we don’t have any official trailer with us, we cannot conclude anything about the plot but the story is likely to be picked from it got ended with lots of twists and turns to add more drama. We are not aware of the new characters as well that will take up a place in season 16 but we can expect some new faces.

Till then let us get friendly with the star cast of Supernatural. Jared Padalecki is heading the role of Sam Winchester, Michael character is being enacted by Jake Abel, Briana Buckmaster is playing the role of Donna Hanscom, Jenny’s role is being enacted by Christine Chatelain, Spencer Borgeson has taken up the role of Dean Winchester Jr., Garth Fitzgerald IV role is being played by DJ Qualls, God role is enacted by Rob Benedict, Mark Pellegrino is playing the role of Lucifer and there are more intense characters who shape up the entire series.

Storyline: Supernatural

If you haven’t watched this series, then we have got the details for you. The empty before the beginning of the supernatural verse begins with the empty which predates the universe itself. The empty is the home of the shadow, a cosmic entity at some point of Amara otherwise known as the darkness, and her baby brother GOD came into being, and sometimes later so did death.

God created many universes but Amara was compelled to destroy them to protect his creations. Her brother made the four archangels those are Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Lucifer. Together the archangels battled the darkness aka Amara and sealed her away with the mark which served as both a key and a lock to Mars cage. God entrusted the mark to his favorite Lucifer. God created the first beast named leviathans but they were destructive so led to the creations of purgatory and locked the leviathans there and after that God created the rest of the universe along with heaven and the rest of the angels. Getting too much perplexed? Well, watch the series to solve the puzzle.


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