Will there be the Manga series “Horimiya Season 2?” Read this to know everything we know so far here!


Manga series are the most entertaining one among the newly blossomed animations. It is becoming popular especially in this pandemic situation. One such newly sprung manga series is Horimiya Season 2.

Release Date: Horimiya S2

Horimiya S2 is the most welcomed series among the audience. But this news may break their hearts. It is because there will be very low chances for the return of Horimiya season 2. It has a very simple reason to say. The reason is, there is no plot extension available for pursuing the second season of Horimiya.

The manga series also has no more new sources to extend the plot for the sequel. As the manga series has published its last episode 122 in March 2021, it has no source to extend the plot further. As it was said in such a way because the last episode dealt with the graduation of all the characters from their high school named Katagiri.

Cast: Horimiya S2

The characters in this anime are listed below. Moreover, these characters may come in the sequel too if there is a release of Horimiya Season 2. The characters are listed here! Kyoko, Izumi, Makio, Sakura, Remi, Kakeru, Yuki, Toru, Koichi, Chika, Akane, Syu, Sakuta, etc will enact in this sequel.

Plot: Horimiya S2

There is a little chance to release the second season this year as the first season was released on 10 January 2021 and ended in April 2021. It is a love story between a popular girl in school and a nerdy guy in school. They both fell in love with each other as time moves on. They both hide their personal life from their friends. At last, they both come to know about each other’s life and confessed that they won’t let that out in front of their friends.

This anime has a happy ending. Due to that the audience are very glad to look after season 2 in the form of fan fiction. But they all expect the official release of the Horimiya sequel. But it is a bitter truth that there will be no source for extension of the plot.

Storyline: Horimiya S2

As there is very little chance for the sequel, there is no plot released yet by the production unit. To be frank no one knows what will be the plot extension. If they extend the plot, then the plot would be like Kyoko Hori the female lead takes care of her younger brother, and Izumi Miyamura the male lead who is a nerd in class but a gangster-like figure outside the school. They both fell in love and kept their life secret from each other. At last on graduation day, they reveal their secrets among their friends. Their friends also accepted them as they are.

Trailer: Horimiya S2

But there will be a little chance for the return of the sequel. As they may come up with a new plot as a continuation of the love story of Kyoko and Izumi. Maybe the production group may come up with new animations, new characters, and many new things as per the audience’s request. Here is the trailer of Horimiya season 1. If you haven’t come across it, do click this link and enjoy the anime!


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