“Cursed Season 2” is really coming back or it is just a rumor? Read more to know the details!


After getting so much struck in the pandemic, fantasy dreams and series are the only escape from the deadly surroundings. Are you inclined towards mythology? Well, this Arthurian mythology will be a great pick for you. Based on the book named Cursed written by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler have cursed upon the viewers to be a buff about this series. Both of them are even the producers of this series. So after creating loud commotion on Netflix is Cursed season 2 coming back with another bang? Let’s read to know more.

Release Date: Cursed Season 2

There is no official declaration from the creators as well as Netflix for the release of the sequel but we can expect season 2 to land on Netflix in the initial months of 2022 or mid-2022 but this is just our guess and cannot substantiate it. There are many Netflix series that are getting delayed so Cursed season 2 getting delayed was expected but it can even get canceled too but those are just rumors, let’s wait for the official announcement. Season 1 was aired in July 2020 with a total of 10 episodes.

Cast: Cursed Season 2

As we don’t have any official teaser with us for season 2, let’s get you friendly with the star cast of season 1. Katherine Langford is playing the main role in the series as Nimue, Devon Terrell is enacting the character of Arthur, Merlin character is being played by Gustaf Skarsgard, Daniel Sharman is heading the role of The Weeping Monk, King Uther Pendragon role is being enacted by Sebastian Armesto, Lily Newmark is enacting the role of Pym, Shalom Brune-Franklin is there as Sister Igraine, Father Carden character by Peter Mullan, Emily Coates is heading the role of Sister Iris, Squirrel is there as Billy Jenkins and many other outstanding characters who are showing out their talent skills in this fantasy series.

Storyline: Cursed

It’s a one-time watch series so you cannot miss this out. The focus stays on Langford whose village was attacked by Red paladins. Her mother gives her one mission to deliver Excalibur and the series throughout cover these details but it is difficult to understand as there are many twists and turns which makes it intriguing.  Red Paladins have just one motive that to perish all the sapiens from the planet and they work on the sayings of the church handled by the Pope and the church command is handled by Rome.

Pope has an immense feeling of hatred for Father Carden because he belonged to a small village and wanted to get out from this and chose the path of violence to kill the people of the specific community and they can do abundant magics and even many kings listened to these magicians only especially of Merlin which is disliked by the church. Father Carden is helped by the weeping monk who makes it easier for him to kill the people. Now comes the role of King Arthur who has put his mother behind bars as she decided to kill her own son by using poison. The series has lots of characters which gets confusing for the audience but if you solve the puzzle the series gets more intriguing.

Trailer: Cursed Season 1



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