Newer vampires and Newer dangers to arrive in the latest spinoff of Netflix’s Castlevania! Here’s all the details you want to know!


Castlevania has quietly but surely made its way into the hearts of anime lovers through its awesome storytelling and complex portrayal of characters. Netflix has made sure that all 4 seasons are equally gripping and emotional making the viewers head-over-heels for the show.

Now, all you guys have been asking for a 5tgh season as soon as possible. But seems like Netflix and the show creators have some other thoughts in mind. Curious enough? Read below to find out all that’s brewing for your favorite show!

Castlevania 5: Release Date

If you are already doubting that there might be no 5th season around the corner, then we must tell you that you have guessed right. But, you should not start crying and throwing a fit as streaming platform  Netflix has already announced that there is going to be a spin-off regarding the anime show.

Rumors are that the recent introduction of the mysterious spin-off could bring back old characters and even offer newer ones with interesting storylines, completely different from the past 4 seasons. Most likely it will be available on-screen next year that is 2022. Thus, stay tuned!

Castlevania 5: Cast

Expect to see all your favorite characters back on the table for the anticipated spinoff. They are handsome Richard Armitage voicing Trevor Belmont, Alejandra Reynoso lending her voice to Sypha Belnades, and the blood-sucking Dracula to be played by Graham McTavish.

Other interesting voice casts include James Callis aka Alucard, Theo James aka Hector, Jaime M Murray aka Carmilla, Emily Swallow in the shoes of Lisa Tepes, and Jessica Brown Findlay aka Lenore to name a few. Newer characters might also be introduced!

Castlevania 5: Plot

Although it has been revealed that the newest spinoff will be unrelated to any of the previous installments we do have a few plot ideas in mind. It could depict the relationship arc of Vlad as well as his sweetheart Lisa. Vlad has finally released his vile tactics and it’s for the spinoff to decide whether he has really turned into a new leaf.

It could also reveal the past history of the tribe of Belmont and how they became vampire hunters. Newer species of vampires, demons, epic battles, newer dangers, and heroic saviors might also play an important part in the upcoming spin-off. Hence, we can’t wait to get lost in the world of fantasy!

Castlevania 4: Storyline

A brief recap of the latest season! In the 4th chapter, we got to see that Dracula using his mischievous ways deceived the saint known as Germain and brought himself back on Earth from the depths of hell. Dracula’s assistant Death was the one fooling Germain for so long disguised as Varney who actually was a vampire.

But in the final few moments of the finale, Trevor Belmont kills Death by stabbing him sending him back to where he came from aka Hell. Belmont afterward visits the old castle of Dracula taking his beloved Sypha with him who is now pregnant and along with his friend Alucard pledges to make the world a better place. Watch the trailer of 4th season here!

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