Surprise for all the Sci-fiction fans as “Upload Season 2” is coming up soon! Read to know more details!


Hey, there science fiction fans! Did you just land up here after reading the title? Well welcome, we are here to answer all your questions that are lingering in your mind about Upload Season 2. The happier you are with the pandemic suddenly going on a slow pace the happiest are the creator Greg Daniels who is very much geared up for the Upload season 2 to finally start uploading for long-awaiting fans. So without delaying anything further let’s dive into the details.

Release Date: Upload Season

Surprise! Daniel has himself substantiated on this point that Upload season 2 will be coming back on the amazon prime videos soon in the latter months of 2021 or the initial months of 2022. Series lovers have their eyes on Nathan and Nora so it was vital for the creators to show a green flag for season 2. Robbie’s recent Instagram post has made it difficult for the fans to hold their horses. We have one more secret to spill- the shooting has been finished. Yes! You heard us right that’s why we are sure that it won’t take much time for the sequel to land on Amazon prime. Although there is no official release of the trailer of season 2 still we can hope it come soon in front of our screens.


Cast: Upload Season 2

As we don’t have any trailer for the sequel with us, we can assume that the whole star cast of season 1 will be there in season 2 as well but let us keep our eyes open for any new actor for making an entry. Till then let’s get you familiar with the star cast of season 1. Robbie Amell is playing the role of Nathan Brown, Nora Antony character is being played by Andy Allo, Zainab Johnson is enacting the character of Aleesha, Luke role is been taken up by Kevin Bigley, Allegra Edwards is playing the role of Ingrid Kannerman, A. I guy character is being played by Owen Daniels and many other intriguing characters who have lit up the series with their talent.

Storyline: Upload

Upload is a sci-fi satire comedy series that explores the not-too-distant future with technology that controls every aspect of people’s lives. The series starts with an advertisement for Lake View by horizon which has the tagline “You did well..You deserve Lake view” and then comes the view of a workaholic woman who is living in her own world of music and rush to her office for work.

This workaholic woman is being introduced as Nora Antony. So the concept of the series is that whenever a person dies, he/she gets uploaded in virtual reality and this reality is also named heaven by them. Nora’s job is based on this concept and she talks and finds out solutions to every problem that the people of virtual reality are facing. Then we are introduced to the charming Nathan Brown who is busy doing coding with his friend while being in the car and turns off the auto mode of his car and drives at full speed just to land in the hands of police although he doesn’t go to the police station. So much technology right? But this is what has made Upload season 1 get immense love and fans. So if you haven’t watched season 1 then don’t get so much amazed with the trailer.

Trailer: Upload Season 1


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