What If Episode 6 might bring back our long-forgotten superhero Killmonger! Here’s all your favorite details of this Marvel enterprise!


Disney plus has done wonders with its production of the animated Marvel version of the tales of your favorite superheroes in What If. Staying incredibly true to its title, What If seriously makes us a question, what if this happens, what if that happens?

Now after a bizarre but equally gripping 5th episode fans can’t wait to find out what might happen in the very next chapter! But, don’t you fret at all as we provide you with every detail you want to hear about the 6th edition. Read below to find out!

What If 6: Release Date

So, are you excited yet? Well, we won’t keep you waiting any longer. What If, Marvel’s successful venture is all set to premiere on your screens on the 15th of September this very year. The clock has already started ticking, so you better book your dates.

We also have the news that when the 6th chapter is done airing the highly appreciated show will be left with only 3 more adventurous episodes before the mind-blowing 1st season concludes on 6th October 2021. We hope to see more seasons soon though!

What If 6: Cast

Expect to witness all your favorite actors on screen, those being late Chadwick Boseman aka Black Panther, Hayley Atwell aka Peggy Carter, Tom Hiddleston lending his voice to Loki, Karen Gillan aka Nebula, Jeffrey Wright aka Uatu, Dominic Cooper aka Howard Stark, and Sebastian Stan aka Bucky James.

We would also see Chris Hemsworth in the shoes of Thor, Josh Brolin aka the evil Thanos, and Paul Rudd aka Ant-Man along with other voiceover artists who are going to make the show binge-worthy!

What If 6: Plot

For the expected 6th part we might hope to see Erik Killmonger turning to be Tony Stark’s savior saving the latter who got badly injured which will most likely transform Tony into our favorite Iron-man. Focusing mainly on Killmonger this time we can also witness him convincing Tony so that they can take over Wakanda together.

Moreover, there are chances of a portrayal of a Thor from a different dimension and the emergence of other dimensions along with plot twists, battles, intergalactic moments, and friendships that would all be included in the upcoming season. Stau put!

What If 5: Storyline

The 5th episode had a lot going on screen much to the excitement of the fans. The episode commences with our monstrous hero Hulk returning to planet Earth through Bitfrost’s help. But upon arrival, he suspects that Thanos might have caused destruction as there is pin-drop silence on the roads and no one is visible.

But, Hulk is taken aback when he realizes and notices all of his friends and our superheroes aka Wong, Tony Stark, and Doctor Strange have been transformed into man-eating zombies who try to kill Hulk but he manages to save himself along with a handful of others like Spiderman, Winter Soldier as well as  Wasp. The episode concludes with a virus-infused zombie army along with a zombie Thanos dangling the precious infinity stones rushing towards Wakanda! Watch the official trailer here.

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