Will the survivors be able to escape the monster-riddled city or are they going to fall prey? Read all that might happen in Netflix’s K-drama horror Sweet Home!


Horror and K-drama go hand in hand, and when it’s a Netflix production then be prepared to have an exciting and gory watch. One such popular series that has taken K-drama lovers by storm is Sweet Home. After a successful 1st season, fans have long been preparing for a 2nd chapter!

If you too can’t wait for this comic-turned-show illustrated by popular illustrator Yongchan Hwang, then you have come to the right place. Read below to clear all your doubts regarding the latest gossips of your favorite series.

Sweet Home 2: Release Date

Recently there have been rumors that Netflix has planned to start the process of production for the renewal of the 2nd chapter by the end of this year that is December 2021 although nothing officially is stated as of now.

But owing to the immense popularity of the show and having a great IMDb score and chances are that a 2nd chapter must be under process. Moreover, as the 1st part took almost 8 months to complete, we might get to see the face of a 2nd chapter somewhere around 2022 during the end months or in the early months of 2023. The wait will be worth it!

Sweet Home 2: Cast

Having a phenomenal cast, Sweet Home has won hearts all over. They include Song Kang aka Cha Huyn Soo, Lee Do-Hyeon aka Lee Eun Huyk, Lee Si-young aka Seo Yi-kyong, Go Min-si aka Lee Eun-yoo, Go Yoon Jung aka Park Yoo-r, and Park Gyu-young aka Yoon Ji-Soo.

Other cast members consist of Lee Jin-Wook aka Pyon Sanh Wook, Kim Seong-Cheol aka Jung Wool-Myung, Kim Nam-hee aka Jung Jae-Heon, and Park Ah-in to name a few. Most of them are bound to return for these next chapters as well.

Sweet Home 2: Plot

As for the plot of the yet-to-be-made 2nd chapter we might finally find out what has in store for the survivors who are thinking that they have been finally rescued. But much to their oblivion and our shock we see an infected Myeong in the same van as the survivors waiting to plunge and kill them.

Will they be able to survive this lethal situation? That’s for the next part to decide. We might also witness Sang Wook, metamorph into a monster or he might be able to curb his evil side just like Cha Huyn. Much of the fate of the characters are unknown which might get full closure in the later episodes. Stay put till then!

Sweet Home: Storyline

Showcasing a dystopian world much like our own only worse we see a Korean city infected by a ready virus turning everyone into zombies and blood-curdling monsters. The story tells the tale of such survivors trapped in an apartment as one by everyone starts turning to monsters!

In the final episode, we got to see Sang-Wook die mercilessly trying to save Yu Ri as he lays motionless surrounded by a blood pool. We see many of the characters die a tragic death, while some like Cha Huyn can control their vile desire to kill others fall prey. In the last few seconds, we see a few of the remaining survivors get on an army van and leave the terrible city for a better location. Watch the official trailer here.

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