What will be the result of Bonnie’s confession in Season 3 of Big Little Lies? Read below to find out!


A thriller drama that has stolen the hearts of the viewers through its complex storytelling and even crispier characters is the HBO show termed Big Little Lies. After a gripping 2nd season that has left the viewers speechless and in much of a cliffhanger, the audience wants to know the news about the 3rd season.

Following the footsteps of a novel by novelist Liane Moriarty, this intense show has been highly rated by critics and audiences alike. Thus, if you too want to find out whether the 3rd chapter is arriving or not, then all you have to do is read below to find out!

Big Little Lies 3: Release Date

Fans are already aware that the HBO production first premiered in the year 2017 and became an instant hit while the 2nd season wrapped up in the year 2019. So, it has been almost two years since we have heard about any latest news of an upcoming season.

But, although the series is extremely popular HBO is yet to make an official statement regarding a renewal. As of now, we know that the production procedure hadn’t even begun. Hence it will be a long wait before our favorite show returns to our screens, perhaps in the year 2022 or even 2023! But, let’s hope for the best okay?

Big Little Lies 3: Cast

We have some of the phenomenal women in Big Little Lies that have made the series a worthy watch. They are Nicole Kidman aka Celeste Wright, Reese Witherspoon aka Madeline Martha, the beautiful Shailene Woodley aka Jane Chapman, Zoe Kravitz aka Bonnie Carson, and Laura Dern aka Renata Klein.

We also have the information that Meryl Streep will be joining as Mary Louise Wright as well, along with others like Alexander Skarsgard aka Perry Wright, Adam Scott aka Ed Mackenzie, and Kathryn Newton aka Abigail Carlson.

Big Little Lies 3: Plot

A lot of interesting plots might occur in the 3rd chapter which we can’t wait to see on-screen. We might get to see what are the consequences that might happen after the confessions of Bonnie are made. Will they turn out in favor of her or will it make a turn for worse? That’d be for the 3rd part to decide.

We are even excited to watch the anticipated trial since the abusive behavior towards Celeste of the criminal Perry has been finally recorded on tape. Celeste might finally get her children’s custody. Be prepared for more drama, fights, disgusting murders, and detailed investigations in the 3rd installment. Are you ready?

Big Little Lies 2: Storyline

Depicting the story of a trail of murders that happened in a small, fictional society of California, this show captures the reactions of women especially mothers. In the 2nd season, we saw that 5 of the rich wealthy women got dragged into the murder of Perry.

They all decided to stick together and defend Bonnie during the police investigations which resulted in a lot of drama and suspicions. It dealt with the psyche, sub-conscious, perspective, and guilt of these women who performed a heinous crime affecting each of their lives as well. But, in the final moments, Bonnie decides to confess to the police and is accompanied by the other 5 women. Watch the 2nd trailer here!

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