Where did angels and demons came from? Will the love story between an angel and a demon ever happen? Read all that’s about to happen in Good Omens Season 2!


Are you ready for the big news? The makers as well as the cast of the show popularly titled Good Omens can’t seem to keep quiet regarding a renewal of the 2nd season of this highly appreciated show, which has entered the hearts of people seamlessly!

Loosely treading on the paths of the novel named 668: The Neighbour of the Beast, the lovable 1st season had a gripping plot with interesting characters quite similar to the novel itself. Now, if you truly want to know what’s in store for a 2nd chapter, you have to read below!

Good Omens 2: Release Date

Eager viewers must be aware that the hit 1st season appeared on screens in the year 2019 after extensively shooting for 7 months, and it was this year in June that is 2021 an official statement has been made that the 2nd season is under process.

Do you know what that means? We are more than likely to witness this amazing Amazon Prime show by the winter months of 2022 or during the early months of 2023! The production process being in the nascent stage ut will be a long wait but a worthy one that’s for sure!

Good Omens 2: Cast

As is evident the central characters aka Michael Sheen in the shoes of Aziraphale, an angel and David Tennant aka Crowley, the demon without whom the show would have been incomplete will be returning in the 2nd part! It would be exciting to watch these two banter again!

Other actors who might be seen on-screen include Jon Hamm aka Gabriel, the Archangel, Frances McDormand aka the Creator or God, Adria Arjona aka Anathema Device, and Jack Whitehall aka the funny Newton!

Good Omens 2: Plot

From the looks of it, chances are that the 2nd part might focus on the angels of heaven. We might get to see how they originated in the first place and their backstory, especially that of Gabriel before God decided to put humans on Earth. A major part of the show focusing on LGBTQ, we might also see love blooming g between an angel and a demon aka the two protagonists.

We might also get to see how demons got their way and wandered on Heaven and Earth destroying lives, how these demons came into existence, and are they that evil as everyone supposes them to be Well, seems like the 2nd installment with the present us more answers to our burning questions!

Good Omens: Storyline

This light-hearted comedy highlights several thematic descriptions of holy figures, the differentiation between good and bad. In the 1st season, we got to see that the angels trying their best to stop the entry of Armageddon while the demons leave no stones unturned into bringing them back!

In between such a clash Aziraphale, an angel and his opponent Crowley, a demon forms a romantic bond without their knowledge. In the final moments, as Aziraphale is forced to Hell and Crowley into the gates of heaven, both Hell and Heaven fear that they have transformed, banishing both of them on Earth where these two gentlemen are shown to be bothered enjoying in a cafe! Watch the official trailer here!

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