Are the contestants going to escape the deadly trap of games or are they going to get ensnared forever? Watch all that might happen in Alice in Borderland Season 2!


Netflix has done wonders again with its production of one of the best science fiction K-drama/horror series termed Alice in Borderland. If the name sounds intriguing to you wait till you see the amazing visuals, phenomenal cinematography, and the breathless suspense this movie-turned series creates!

Climbing the top 10 marks of Netflix, audiences and critics have been all-praises for this show ever since it first appeared on screens the previous year that is 202. Now, fans have been clamouring for a 2nd season. So, is it happening or not? Read below to find out!

Alice In Borderland 2: Release Date

Seeing such a fandom building up, the show makers have already hinted at the renewal of a 2nd chapter in the final episode of the 1st season n the form of a teaser. Netflix has kept the production process hidden from the overly curious viewers so as not to give away any spoilers.

But, we do have the information that in no time, probably in September itself, we are going to get the biggest revelation that is the date of release of the 2nd part! To be precise, the 2nd season might premiere by the end of 2021 having 8 episodes just like the original series! Ready for the action?

Alice In Borderland 2: Cast

Showing worthy acting chops we have stellar Korean actors in the series, the majority of whom are going to return for the 2nd edition! They are Kento Yamazaki aka Ryohei Arisu, Tao Tsuchiya aka Yuzuha Usagi, Keita Machida aka Daikichi Karube, and Sho Aoyagi aka Aguni Morizono.

Although newer cast members might be introduced in the upcoming installment, supporting teams like Nijiro Murakami in the role of Chshiya, Aya Asahina aka Kuina, and Riisa Naka aka Mira are also making a comeback!

Alice In Borderland 2: Plot

Be sure of the fact that the newest venture or the 2d season will be full of dangerous, and blood-curdling games that are going to give you sleepless nights. There are going to be difficult situations and crucial moments of survival just like a do-or-die condition where the participants have to kill someone else even their friends to survive.

The recent adaptation might also showcase a love story between Arisu and his secret admirer Usagi in such grave times. Are they going to escape or will they forever get stuck in a deadly alternate universe? Let’s see for ourselves in the 2nd season. Stay put folks!

Alice In Borderland: Storyline

For those who are unaware, Alice in Borderland portrays a dystopian alternate dimension where the candidates are made to partake in menacing games against their will to survive. In the final few scenes, we get to see that out of the three close friends named Arisu, Chota, and Kobe, the last two sacrificed their lives mercilessly to save their friend in a tragic game! We also got to see many players die, our stomachs churning in disgust when they had to find ” The Witch” amongst themselves.

Although Arisu and his secret lover Usagi find out the control room of these life-threatening games they find to their shock that the controllers are killed! In the last scene, we see a mysterious woman named Mira arrive who warns the contestants that these games are just the beginning. watch the official trailer here.

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