How did Shrek came to the swamp? Learn all that might happen in the upcoming movie Shrek 5 releasing soon!


Watch your favorite and friendly ogre back on screens soon enough! Yes, that is what seems from the makers of the show who have put their heart and soul into making this comedy animation a success! With an intriguing story and goofy yet phenomenal characters, Shrek is a loved movie, to say the least.

Now after a spectacular 4th edition released long back in the year 2010 fans have been waiting patiently to hear some news regarding the 5th film. But it seems that their prayers have been heard finally! Read below to find out all that’s brewing!

Shrek 5: Release Date

Well, the good news is here! Shrek 5 is in the process of production which means that the film is in the nascent stages. It was earlier decided that the newest film will be released somewhere around the year 2019 but the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the plans for the worse!

But, as situations are under control now, with the production crew working on this project chances are high that we might be able to catch our favorite green ogre and his friends on the movie theatres somewhere around next year that is 2022 in September and November. Be ready!

Shrek 5: Cast

Since we are so fond of the voiceover artists in Shrek the main characters are surely going to return for the 5th chapter! Thus, we will be having the brilliant and humorous Mike Myers offering his voice to Shrek, Eddie Murphy aka the silly Donkey, and even Antonio Banderas for an unnamed role.

But Cameron Diaz will not be returning in her role of Princess Fiona anymore, hence a new cast member is on the list as well. Apart from that, we will also be having Cody Cameron aka Pinocchio, Conrad Vernon aka the Gingerbread Man, and Christopher Knights aka the Blind Mouse on board as well.

Shrek 5: Plot

Although the script is deemed to be complete, we have hardly any clue of what might happen in the 5th installment. But, according to Michael McCullers, much of the plot will be focused on the past story of our protagonist Shrek and how on Earth did he arrive in the swamp as depicted in the original film.

But the scriptwriter has confirmed that there will be enough adventure, laugh out loud moments, emotional depictions, and major twists and turns in the upcoming movie which will be a rollercoaster ride for the audience, something which they have never experienced in the earlier films. Now, that’s something exciting which we can’t wait for!

Shrek 4: Storyline

In the 4th movie termed Shrek: The Final Chapter, we got to see how Shrek after being engaged and married to princess Fiona deals with having to live like a domesticated man aka ogre and take decisions as well as responsibilities as a husband, which wears him out as he years to go back to his carefree days.

Just then the sly Rumpelstiltskin offers him a deceptive contract which Shrek signs paving the way towards unfavourable circumstances and he lands up in a different dimension. The rest of the story deals with how Shrek finally realises that he has made a mistake and returns to his love Fiona once again! Watch the sweet trailer here!

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