Make some space in your Netflix watch list as “Elite Season 5” is coming up soon! Read to find out Release Date, Cast, and much more!


Netflix is yet again coming back with the Spanish series named Elite. So that it means it’s an elite drama? Well no obviously, but there are scenes where students from well-paid-off families come to take schooling but are they really towards studies and examination or there is a different world running after their school? After getting huge responses in all four seasons, fans are eagerly waiting for the next season to land on their Netflix list. Let’s dive into the details without any further delay.

Release Date: Elite Season 5

As far as now we don’t have any official declaration about the release date of season 5 as there is not even any trailer for the same. But by seeing the trend of previous seasons like season 4 got released this year on 18th June and the third season got released in March 2020 so we can surmise that the next season will be out in 2022 in the early months or in June but it can be delayed due to the pandemic. We have a Twitter post to share where it is mentioned that season 4 has not premiered but now season 4 is on Netflix if you have missed it.

Cast: Elite Season 5

Netflix has a surprise! There are two new faces for the next fresh season so before we jump for the new faces let us introduce you to the star cast of season 4 which are very much expected in the next season as well. Itzan Escamilla is heading the role of Samuel, Guzmán’s character is being played up by Miguel Bernardeau, Arón Piper is enacting the role of Ander, Omar’s role has been taken up by Omar Shana, Claudia Salas is playing the role of Rebeka, Mina who left in season 3 but made a guest appearance the previous season. Season 4 also had some new characters who are Patrick, Ari, and Mencía. Now give us the honor of introducing the new faces of season 5- Valentina Zener and André Lamoglia!

Storyline: Elite

Elite is one of the most-watched Spanish series on Netflix. Two stories run together- one from the past and one from the present. The series starts with Samuel, the protagonist of the series whose fingers are drenched in blood which gives two assumptions- either he has witnessed a murder or is himself a culprit. Then there’s a scene of interrogation where Samuel starts telling his life story that how one day when he came back from school found a box with a scholarship letter and we get to know that there are two more students who have received the same scholarship and they are Ari and Christian (not present in season 4).

The first day of school doesn’t go well as the class most of the students are filled with elite students and they are not treating the three of them fairly as they belong to the middle-class family. Samuel gets congratulated by his brother and the next day Christian by mistake drops the packet of drugs and is hidden by Ander. Ander demands drugs from Christian in return for the packet but is denied from taking them. Is the brief captivating your mind and urging you to watch the series? Well, this can be our great recommendation for all binge-watching lovers.


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