No pleas and petitions can change the fate of “Tokyo Ravens Season 2” series! Read to find out Release Date, Cast, and others details!


A manga turning into an anime series is not unprecedented, following the same bequest The Tokyo Ravens light novel series scripted by Kōhei Azano turned into an anime series named Tokyo Ravens which was aired in March 2014 with a total of 24 episodes. So if you are one of those fans who is still waiting for the sequel, we are here for you to provide all the inputs and news which are detailed exploration from various sources.

Release Date: Tokyo Ravens Season 2

Although this series didn’t manage to pull so much of an audience still whoever got attached to it wanted the sequel to show up soon. We came across a number of online pleas and petitions forwarded to creators for making up the second season but is it really worth it? my dear fans? If the production house wanted to make another sequel it would have been made earlier and we would have been talking about season 5 or season 6 but as the gap of 8 years is so long that we don’t see any ray of hope for the second season. It will be shocking if there is an official announcement for the same but it will be disheartening to keep any hopes.

Cast: Tokyo Ravens Season 2

We are taking season 1 as the first and the last season of Tokyo Ravens as there doesn’t seem to be any hints about it starting again so to all those who are planning to watch season 1 for the first time we have got the cast introduction for you. Kaito Ishikawa has given voice to the character of Tsuchimikado, Harutora, Tsuchimikado Natsume’s character voice has been given by Kana Hanazawa, Kon’s mouthpiece is Aki Toyosaki, Ryohei Kimura has given voice to the character of Ato Touji, Dairenji Shuzuka’s mouthpiece is Ayane Sakura, Hiroyuki Yoshino has given to the personality of Kagami Reiji, Kogure Zenjirou’s mouthpiece is Shinya Takahashi, Eri Kitamura has given voice to the character of Kurahashi Kyouko and many other talented folks who have given their voices to bring life into the characters of the series.

Storyline: Tokyo Ravens

If you are a first-time watcher then you are going to witness many magical powers in the whole season. Getting aired in 2013 October Tokyo Ravens’ story is based on the book we just mentioned above. The protagonist of the season is Natsume and Harutora. Both of them are just friends but did anywhere ‘just friend’ tag didn’t turn into a love story? No! and this anime has followed the same trend where Natsume is seen to be keeping feelings for Harutora but is not able to confess it but there’s always a love triangle whenever there is a love story and Harutora has feelings for somebody else.

We don’t believe in adding spoilers especially when an anime is critical and has lots of twists. There are many sides characters in the season but this will be going to add glamour to the season which is filled with love stories and action. The reason why things got out of hand with the creators is that it couldn’t attract viewers with their same concept love story although it ain’t that boring but seems this is what was written in the fate of Tokyo Ravens.



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