Are the couples of Temptation Island Season 3 still in love? Read to know what are they up to now!


Dating shows are a whole lot of fun no doubt, you get to see a glimpse of your dating life as well, and if you’re single you can watch out for green and red flags. One such Amazon Prime show is none other than the hugely popular Temptation Island, running for 2 seasons successfully.

In the recent 3rd season of this Mark L. Walberg’s drama show, we found quite a lot of games and challenges that proved how strong the bond between partners is and whether they can last the test of time. But, what are these couples doing now? Read below to find out!

Temptation Island 3: Chelsea And Thomas

Lovebirds, Chelsea Brea who had been dating her partner Thomas Gipson for a year had participated in this show, to test their love. But soon after they got involved in relationship issues like trustworthiness, and loyalty. While Thomas argued that Chelsea was overly jealous and possessive, Chelsea declared that it was due to Thomas’ flirty nature.

But even after a lot of arguments, and the couple resorting to distraction by kissing and dating others in the show, by the finale we saw that they once again patch up, both willing to fix their relationship and stating that they still are irrevocably in love with one another. They are still together as per reports.

Temptation Island 3: Erica And Kendal

Dating for almost over two years both Erica Washington as well as her partner Kendal Kirkland had a turbulent relationship from the beginning itself and the show brought out their worst fears. While Erica was head over heels for Kendal, her boyfriend believed that she would not be able to adjust to Kendal’s lifestyle.

To everyone’s shock, Kendal started cheating on the show and when Erica found out her heart broke completely. So, she decided to make herself a priority and not let Kendal disrespect her. Now, these two have broken up and while Erica has become a social media star, Kendal continues being a professional entrepreneur!

Temptation Island 3: Erin And Corey

Starting with relationship issues at first, Erin Smith and her partner Corey Sobczyk almost resolved all of their problems on the show it seemed. But things took a wrong turn when in one special episode of reunion, Corey confessed that he lied to Erin about Amanda Spain-Butts, another contestant with whom he still maintains close contact with resulting in them breaking up.

But, later when the 3rd season dissolved Corey took to Instagram to share adorable pictures of Erin showing the world that they have patched up and are still in love. From all the PDA posts we assume that the pair are together and happy!

Temptation Island 3: Kristen And Julian

One of the most loved couples on the show Kristen Ramos and her sweetheart Julian Allen who had been dating since high school had also participated in the show to test their relationship. While Julian shared a couple of infidelities disappointing Kristen, the latter refused to let go of her 11-year-long relationship!

With uncertainties, and arguments indicating a spilt up, the exact opposite happened as the couple quit the show together and now the good news is they are happily engaged waiting to be announced Mr and Mrs! Watch the trailer of the 3rd Season.

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