“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” fans are you hoping for Season 9? We have got the answer to this question!!


This satire and humor-filled series has won your heart and we know that. We also know that you are still feeling despondent about season 8 getting over on 17th September. Season 8 has let many buffs tweet a post about how they felt with the season-ending and how can they not miss their favorite series which was a part of their lives for so long. So are you hoping for season 9 as well? We have got the answer to this question.

Release Date: Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 9

We are surmising that Season 8 was the final showdown for the whole series and we are not expecting season 9 to come. We feel that the creators imagined only 153 episodes in mind and we also have a Twitter post from Andre Braugher who gives the hint to the fans that they have to bid farewell to the whole series and my dear fans it is really the time to say goodbye as we cannot give you even a single ray of hope for this comedy season to come back maybe this is all the justice that can be given to Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Cast: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

As the show has successfully completed eight seasons we would like to make you familiar with the star cast of this show. Andy Samberg is playing the role of Jake Peralta, Rosa Diaz’s role has been taken up by Stephanie Beatriz, Terry Crews is heading the role of Terry Jeffords, Amy Santiago has taken up the role of Melissa Fumero, Joe Lo Truglio is enacting the character of Charles Boyle, Raymond Holt’s role has been taken up by Andre Braugher, Dirk Blocker is playing the role of Hitchcock, Scully’s role has been taken by Joel McKinnon Miller, Chelsea Peretti is enacting the character of Gina Linetti and many other talented actors are there who have lit up the comedy series.

Storyline: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The story is set up in Brooklyn which is a part of the USA. There is a detective center named Brooklyn Nine-Nine. There are detectives as well cops and one head whom they refer to as the captain. The most intriguing character in the show is Jake Peralta who lit up the mood with his humor and has immense affection for movies that are actions or thrillers and keeps on imitating those actions in real life. He has a companion named Charles who cannot say no to Jake. Are you feeling that the series just have funny detectives? Well, there is one detective named Amy who works according to the protocols and keeps her focus on the work and many others like Rosa who is a tomboy and talks mostly with hands and legs instead of the mouth. All of them also have lieutenant Terry who is a fitness freak and is only busy doing bodybuilding. Then there are two characters who live in their own world and those are Scully and Hitchcock their only job is to eat the whole day. Captain Raymond Holt has the most severe expression but is still doing comedy in his own way. We have given a brief description of the main characters so that once you start watching the series, you are pretty aware of the characteristics.

Trailer: Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8


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