“Fear the Walking Dead Season 7” landing in October infront of your screens! Read the article to not miss any update!


After season 6 of Fear the Walking Dead made a vociferously thump sound, it is back again to give a gigantic image in the hearts of their fans, and we ain’t kidding! We have all the proof for all our beloved aficionados who were eagerly waiting for season 7 to show up and as always we are back again with good news! So stick with us till the end of the article to know more details.

Release Date: Fear the Walking Dead Season 7

You saw this right! Season 7 is coming back again with excitement. According to the US timing, it will be broadcasted at 2 a.m. but don’t worry if you are not a night owl, the show will be broadcasted at 9 p.m. again. It is very surprising to see that season 7 is coming up that soon.  Season 6 got aired on 11th October 2020 and Season 5 got premiered on 2nd June 2019. As we saw so many shows and series getting postponed and canceled, creators of Fear the Walking Dead Season did a tremendous job by bringing up another season for their fans this October. As it is shown in the post, Season 7 will be broadcasted from 18th October 2021.

Cast: Fear the Walking Dead Season 7

Yes, there are some new faces for the coming up new season. Let us make you familiar with the star cast of Fear the Walking Dead. Kim Dickens is playing the role of Madison Clark, Nick Clark’s role is being played up by Frank Dillane, Lorenzo James Henrie is enacting the character of Chris Manawa Alycia Debnam-Carey is heading the role of Alicia Clark, Travis Manawa character is enacted by Cliff Curtis, Rubén Blades is heading the role of Daniel Salazar and many other actors from season 6 who played roles in the series. Let us introduce you to the new characters who are Sherry, Dwight, Sarah, Luciana, Strand, Althea, and Daniel.

Plot and Storyline: Fear the Walking Dead

We have the trailer for season 7 where there is shown disgusted faces and barren lands. Let’s read the brief storyline of this series. Have you played the video game Resident Evil? If yes then this series will be your cup of tea as it will get easier for you to understand what the actual storyline is. Season 6 starts with Nick Clark who is a teenager addicted to drugs residing in Los Angeles and the morning turns into horror when he sees his girlfriend eating somebody’s face and starts hurrying out of his house and when he reaches the road he is ramped by a car. He lands up at the hospital where his family comes to meet him. His family comprises his sister named Alicia Clark, a mother named Madison Clark, and her boyfriend named Travis Manava. Travis’s ex-wife is introduced to us as Liza and a son named Chris. Apocalypse hits and riots break out and come to the disgusting scene of the series where the humans are being eaten up. The family meets up with the barber named Daniel Salazar and his wife Griselda and both of them had a daughter named Ophelia and everybody escapes home as the military starts taking up to the street. The whole series will be much more clear if you watch it from the initial season.

Trailer: Fear the Walking Dead



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