Origin of drug trafficking in Mexico to be the prime highlight of Narcos Mexico Season 3! Read all the cartels of information here!


Be ready for an aphrodisiac ride of dizziness filled with drugs! Yes, seems like, after all the debate and anticipations, Netflix might finally be returning with a cartel of intoxication in Narcos: Mexico Season 3! The nail-biting premise has successfully captured the attention of the viewers for two consecutive seasons!

Now, with a suspenseful ending in the latest edition, we can’t wait to find out what might occur in the 3rd part! So, if you’re also keen to find out all the sneaky little details of this crime/drama, then read below to find out!

Narcos Mexico 3: Release Date

The production procedure had already begun before the Covid-19 pandemic but the surge of the virus pushed back the process way further. But, seems like good news is finally awaiting us because Netflix has finally unwrapped the veil of mystery and has officially declared the date of release!

Bubbling with excitement yet? As it has been disclosed in the form of a teaser this very September, that Narcos: Mexico, the 3rd installment will be back on your screens on 5th November 2021! Thus, it’s hardly two months before you catch up on your favorite drug peddlers and their dangerous tactics!

Narcos Mexico 3: Cast

Although Luna Gallardo won’t be returning for his character in the upcoming 3rd season, we will be having some of the phenomenal actors. They are Scoot McNairy aka Walt Breslin, Jose Maria Yazpik in the shoes of Amado Carrillo Fuentes, Alberto Ammann in the character of Pacho and Alfonso Dosal aka Benjamin Arellano Felix!

Apart from the past characters, we will also be seeing new faces like that of Luis Gerardo, Luisa Rubino, Alberto Guerra, and for the special role of Antonio Martinez Ocasio, we will be having the amazing Bad Bunny!

Narcos Mexico 3: Plot

So far what we have gathered is that the anticipated 3rd season will take us back to the era of the 1990s from where illegal drug peddling originated. There will be an introduction to newer cartels of exotic drugs that have sprouted in place of the power vacuum as well as the emergence of the new kingpins of Mexico.

A part of the newest venture will focus on the globalization that made the drug peddling a huge success, trading them into various countries in return for a huge sum of money. But be prepared for lurking dangers, a looming war in the forefront, and lots of adventure, suspense, and hit-and-miss moments, making our hearts race!

Narcos Mexico 2: Storyline

A quick recap! In the final scenes of the previous season, we saw Gallardo emerge in power growing as fearless as he can get escaping under the noses of Mexico and USA police and government. But his overconfidence resulted in his downfall as he got arrested.

Gallardo got disconnected from his family as his allies left his side, leaving him to fight alone but Mexico was shown in newer dangers! We were also acquainted with the Cartels of Tijuana, Juarez, and Sinaloa as the government of Mexico lefts no stones unturned in catching the drug traffickers leading towards the formation of NAFTA. Watch the Season 2 trailer here!

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