“Tonikawa Kawaii Season 2”: The Lovey-Dovey series is coming back with the season of love!


Do you believe in love at first sight? Well being in the 21st century this term seems to be vague for most of the teens and people in their early adulthood. But do the couple present in the Tonikaku Kawaii anime’s couple have to love at first sight? This question will be answered in the heading of the storyline. This modest love story is winning the hearts of the viewers. After successfully finishing off the first season is the creators ready for the second season? Read further to solve the mystery.

Release Date: Tonikaku Kawaii Season 2

As such we have not got any official announcement about the release date of the sequel we are surmising that the second season will be released in 2022. Season 1 was broadcasted from 3rd October 2020 to 19th December 2020. Although season 1 got finished at the end of the previous year still the sequel is taking lots of time. We feel that this is an undue delay but it is a piece of good news for aficionados as another season didn’t get canceled and is coming up next year.

Cast: Tonikaku Kawaii

As we don’t have the teaser for the second season, we have no idea if there are going to be any new faces although we can expect a new character who will join the series to twist this simple love story that is the talk for later. Let us first introduced you to the talented artist who has given out their voices to bring life into the characters.

Nasa Yuzaki has got a voice from Junya Enoki, Akari Kitô’s has given voice to the character of Tsukasa Yuzaki, Naok0 Yanagi’s mouthpiece is Suzie Yeung, Yû Serizawa has given voice to Kaname Arisugawa and many other artists who are mouthpieces to the side characters of the series. The series was also dubbed in English, let us tell you the names of those artists who have given voice to the characters- Zach Aguilar has given out his voice for Nasa and Tsukasa has got a voice from Lauren Landa.

Storyline: Tonikawa Kawaii

This series is based on the manga written by Kenjiro Hata and it is a pretty unique anime because you will not find this plot in some other anime and it doesn’t believe in the cliche, and yes you are going to attend a marriage ceremony in the first episode! Now let us elucidate the plot to you. Nasa who is one of the protagonists of the series is shown to be named Nasa because his parents believed that one day he is going to something big and creative like the USA’s space agency NASA but fortunately it wasn’t like by the small boy himself as he used to get bullied for his name.

He worked harder in his studies and eventually turned out to be a genius who could apply to any university. But life isn’t that smooth, right? He sees a girl named Tsukasa, captivated by her beauty he runs towards her to talk but is hit by a truck. Both of them are grievously hurt and require medication but they chose that time as the time to decide their future. Nasa confesses his love for her and there comes a twist, Tsukasa tells him that she will accept her confession only when he will marry her and both of them get married but this isn’t the end of the story! Watch the first season to know more and stay tuned for updates!


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