What’s happening with Pacific Rim 3? Is it going to release or is there a hint of a spin-off? Read below to find out!


Guillermo del Toro is known for creating mind-blowing films that have successfully left a mark on the viewers who are a sucker for action! Especially his sci-fi movie titled Pacific Rim has garnered raving reviews ever since it hit theatres! But after a mixed bag of reviews is a 3rd sequel on the list?

Well, there have been ongoing rumors related to the 3rd edition of the Pacific Rim, but seems like del Toro has already given us an answer. To find out, read below and get your doubts cleared!

Pacific Rim 3: Release Date

The 1st movie appeared on screens in the year 2013 which was well appreciated by the audiences, but the immediate sequel titled, Pacific Rim: Uprising wasn’t that well-received. But amidst all the buzz, the director has his notion cleared and declared!

Guillermo has confirmed that there will not be a sequel to this intense science-fiction film, so unfortunately there will be no Pacific Rim 3 on the cards! The decision was taken due to some issues regarding production and matters of the box office. So, for now, there will be no sequel. Sorry folks!

Pacific Rim: Spinoff

But, just when you were about to start being gloomy and sulky, we offer you somewhat good news that might lighten your disappointment! We are well aware that the ending of the prequel left us asking more questions than giving us answers, thus Netflix has decided to take up the project this time.

Yes, the animated version titled Pacific Rim: The Black will begin production soon enough that will be available on Netflix itself! It will give us a detailed overview of the stories, proving to be larger-than-life than the two previous films! Moreover, we could even have more such spin-offs later as well! Stay put!

Pacific Rim The Black: Cast

For the primary roles of the anime, we will be having phenomenal voiceover artists like Gideon Aldon and Calum Worthy aka the two siblings of Travis. Other than that we will also be having the stunning Erica Lindbeck who has worked in many anime films.

Other cast members who might join are Charlie Day lending his voice to Dr. Newton, Burn Gorman stepping in the shoes of Gottlieb, and the gorgeous Rinko Kikuchi voicing Mako Mori. Newer cast members can also be introduced! Watch out, okay?

Pacific Rim The Black: Plot

The Netflix animation depicts a dystopian world in the continent of Australia ravaged by cruel monsters killing humans to take control of the entire mankind as most of the survivors flee the continent to save their lives. In such chaos, Taylor and his sibling Hayley try their best to find their parents who are missing.

In such a situation these siblings learn to operate a rugged Jaeger machine and get involved in grueling fights and epic adventures, desperately trying to survive but never failing to search for their Mom and Dad. Will they be able to escape this hostile and barren planet amidst monster wars? That’s for the show to decide. Watch the amazing trailer here!

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