Will Yuily be able to save his werewolf clan from the blood-sucking vampires? Read all that’s about to happen in Season 2 of Sirius the Jaeger!


Netflix has some of the most amazing anime series that are worth a watch. One such thriller/action series based on Japanese manga is none other than the critically acclaimed Sirius the Jaeger which has captured the attention of many viewers!

After successful completion of the 1st season, having an average rating of 6.8 on the score of IMDb, it’s been a long wait for the 2nd season and fans have been asking when are they going to hear some news about the renewal! Well, read below to find out!

Sirius the Jaeger 2: Release Date

The power-packed anime first appeared on our screens in the year 2018 having altogether 12 interesting episodes. Although a 2nd season, as well as the follow-up season, was all set to air during the year 2020 and 2021 respectively, complex in productions, as well as the pandemic, pushed back the dates further.

But finally, it seems good news is on the front as the show makers have approved for the 2nd season and the process of production is soon to begin! Netflix won’t be producing the next season anymore, but nevertheless, the classic series is making a blasting return in the following year that is 2022!

Sirius the Jaeger 2: Cast

Be assured that all your favorite voiceover artists will be returning in the upcoming 2nd installment. They are Yūto Uemura giving his voice to Yuliy, Kenyu Horiuchi, and his co-partner Ray Chase lending his voice to Willard, and Nanako Mori, as well as Tamara Ryan, voicing Dorothea.

Other voice casts include Yūsuke Kobayashi aka Philip, Shunsuke Takeuchi aka Fallon, Kenjiro Tsuda aka Yevgraf, and Takehito Koyasu aka Kreshner. But be prepared to witness a newer voice cast who are Yumiko Takata and the handsome León Hartmann.

Sirius the Jaeger 2: Plot

In the expected season we might see that the vampires forming an army and coming after Yuily who had successfully snatched away the holy relic termed as ” The Ark of Sirius”. Moreover, we are well acquainted that the heirloom contains mysterious powers which can in turn Yuily evil if he doesn’t control his urges!

The 2nd part also gives us hope that Tokyo, one of the ferocious vampire hunters might get rescued with the aid of Yuily who would lead the vampire hunting army but if he is able to put the relic into good news. Be prepared to watch Yuily in a saviour role with infinite action and adventures in the 2nd edition!

Sirius the Jaeger: Storyline

For those who are not acquainted, this fantasy action show deals with the lifelong battle between vampires and their sworn enemy the werewolves involving plenty of thrilling adventures, fights, plotting revenge, and much more. The story begins in the year the 1930s when a vampire clan settled in Japan, leaving China but vampire hunters titled Jaegers followed them to kill these beasts.

Among the Jaegers was a werewolf, Yuily, disguised as one of them to plot against the vampires for revenge as the blood-sucking creatures earlier ruined and killed the tribe of Yuily, taking away their powers. In the final moments of the show, we saw the vampires and the gnarly werewolves engage in a deadly fight for a coveted heirloom where Yuily won and promised to establish peace in his hometown! Catch the amazing official trailer.

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