“Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2”: This lopsided and nail-biter show has gripped the attention really well! Read to know Release Date, Plot, Cast, and other details!


Tell me your secrets is an honestly dark-themed television series that is going to shake you to your core. It is the Amazon Prime original series which is the most lopsided and nail-biter show that has gripped the attention of almost all the viewers. So is the web planning to bring back the series with season 2? That’s a question worth asking. Without any further ado let’s swoop through the article.

Release Date: Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2

We feel that Amazon Prime is following the trends of other shows and series. As we observed that most of the series are getting canceled or delayed. The fate of Tell Me Your Secrets also remains undecided. If the official announcement comes at the end of this year, we can see season 2 coming in front of our screens in mid-2022 or the early months of 2023 but presently we see a dicey future of the series.

Cast: Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2

We have no official trailer for the second season that’s why it is difficult for us to assure that if there are going to be any new faces but it can happen that some new characters will show up to twist the already twisted story but that’s the story of later.

Let us focus on the star cast of season 1. Lily Rabe is heading the role of Emma Hall, Mary Barlow’s role is being enacted by Amy Brenneman, Enrique Murciano is playing the character of Pete Guillory, Lisa Guillory role has been enacted by Ashley Madekwe, Kit Parker’s role has been taken up by Xavier Samuel,
Charles Esten is heading the role of Saul Barlow, Hamish Linklater is taken up for the role of John Tyler, Jake Barlow’s character is being enacted by Elliot Fletcher, Stella Baker is playing the role of Theresa Barlow, and many other talented actors who have made the series more intriguing.

Storyline: Tell Me Your Secrets

This American horror can shake you and it is our duty to give a brief description of the storyline. The series introduces us to Emma Hall who is the girlfriend of a serial killer, Mary Barlow who is a mom and believes that her daughter who is missing for a long time is the sufferer of all the things done by the serial killer although she is dead in the eyes of everyone still she hasn’t faded from the eyes of her mother.

John Tyler, who is a predator but is trying to hold his life together but seems to have got stuck in the mishaps of Barlow’s. Created by Harriet Warner, the series has many secrets which you get to know as you move ahead with the series. We are introduced to the psychologist named Pete Guillory who is portrayed as vermin. The episodes are filled with Emma’s flashbacks and keep the audience engaged throughout. Karen with a detective personality keeps on interrogating Theresa from her mother. The more confusing it seems here the more it gets clear when you watch the whole series as we don’t want to add spoilers and spill water on already hot series. We have the season 1 trailer for you in case you have missed the series and don’t worry it doesn’t reveal any secrets.

Trailer: Tell Me Your Secrets Season 1


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