“BeetleJuice 2”: What is the update after Warner Bros disheartened the fans in October?? Click to know the answer and other details!


Ever saw a comedy-horror film? No? But we are sure that your tongue is just spoken of 1988’s famous movie which has made the audience stunned and filled with glee. Although Warner Bros disheartened the fans as they corroborated on the point that production for Beetlejuice 2 hasn’t started yet. So what is the status now? Has the production started or it is getting suspended? There are a lot of questions lingering around the mind and we are here to answer them!

Release Date: Beetlejuice 2

As we mentioned earlier that the Warner Bros have confirmed that production for the sequel movie hasn’t started yet, it will be awful on our side to give any false hope for next year. If we talk about the first movie whose trailer got released on 15th July 2020, it took almost 4 years to bring the movie on the screen, and in this pandemic where series and shows are getting canceled or delayed, we will be a laughingstock if we will expect something in 2022. If the production will begin at the end months of this year as more than a half year is already over, the actual movie can land in 2024 or 2025 but not before it if we see how much time it took for the first movie. If we get any official announcement of the same we will be more than happy to share with our readers!

Cast: Beetlejuice 2

Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder are the main characters from the original movie and they are heading the roles of Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz-Loughty respectively. Markus Loughty’s character will be enacted by Johnny Depp, Adam’s character is being played by Alec Baldwin, Annie McEnroe is heading the role of Jane, Helena Bonham Carter is playing the role of Barbara Loughty, Alex Loughty’s role has been taken up by Robert Downey Jr. and many other sides characters will be there in the movie.

We feel sad to say that the actors who played the role of Juno and Otho have left us and have gone to heaven and they are Sylvia Sidney and Glenn Shadix. We still don’t know are going to replace both the legendary actors.

Plot: Beetlejuice 2

Let us discuss the plot of Beetlejuice 1 as we don’t have the official trailer for the second movie. The movie starts with a happily married couple named Barbara and Adam. They lived a peaceful life in Winter River, Connecticut. Festive season approaches and they gift each other some presents. Then we see Barabara’s cousin Jane in the movie who always convinces the couple to sell their gigantic and beautiful house.

Once when they were driving home back, Barabara, to save a dog, steers the steering wheel to left and the car falls in the river. Once they come back home they don’t seem to remember how they came back. Adam comes out of the house to clear everything and once he steps out he sees a desert with sandworms everywhere. Barabara pulls him back to the house and notices that both of them are not able to see their reflection in the mirror. Both of them find out a book lying near named ‘Handbook for the Recently Deceased’ and find out that they died in a car accident. Scary and mysterious right? That’s why we don’t believe in adding spoilers. Watch the movie to get into the details!

Trailer: Beetlejuice


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