More comedy and Drama to be featured in Sister Act 3! Read who’s going to return and the expected plot of this musical-comedy film!


Drifting away from the norm of boring movies depicting the mundane lives of nuns, Tyler Perry’s the Sister Act gave us a brand new comedy/drama film that has allured the attention of viewers, especially women way back in the year 1993.

After the 2nd sequel of this cult comedy film which didn’t quite leave a notable mark on the audience like the 1st movie, there have been many speculations regarding the release of another sequel. But, the primary protagonist of the movie along with the creators of the show has hinted that there might be a chance of a 3rd movie on the cards! Read below to find out!

Sister Act 3: Release Date

Resting all your doubts, it has been revealed that Sister Act won’t be coming to the silver screens anymore, but there is no room for disappointment folks! Why do you ask? Because Disney Plus has already confirmed in the year 2018 that they will shortly begin the production soon enough!

The Covid-19 pandemic has delayed the production process otherwise Sister Act would have been released way sooner. But, since the process of filming is still in the nascent stage, the phenomenal movie is set to make a comeback on your screens in the following year that is 2022!

Sister Act 3: Cast

Expect to see some of your favorite actors returning for the 3rd installment. They are the brilliant actresses Whoopi Goldberg aka the funky nun Wendy Makkena and Karin Gist in her role of the amazing Regina Y. Hicks. What’s more, we might also find superb lyricist Lauryn Hill as well!

Other actors who might return to take up their roles are Kathy Najimy aka the hilarious Mary Patrick and Maggie Smith might reprise her character as well. We might also be introduced to fresh faces or newer cast members for the expected sequel. Let’s see what happens!

Sister Act 3: Plot

It’s quite impossible to tell what might be the plot of the upcoming Disney Plus production as the show is yet to begun and even the actors are not decided. But, be assured that there will be endless comedies, hilarious moments, and a fresh feminist approach amidst all the comedy-drama which is unmissable.

There are some title ideas doing the rounds, some of which are Blacker in the Habit, and Oh My God It Still Fits, which might give you an idea that the movie will be a light-hearted watch but never failing to deliver a morale in the end! With such amazing actors and producers, Sister Act 3 will undoubtedly be a stunning film!

Sister Act 2: Storyline

A recap! Sister Act: Back in the Habit was a musical drama/comedy dictating the life of a nun, Iris Stevenson who also happened to be the teacher of a choir as well as Goldberg. We got to see a lot of female friendships, adventure, the nuns undertaking risky affairs hiding from the eyes of the Pope, and what not!

In the final moments of the film, we saw that when St Francis Academy which was going to be demolished and closed, Deloris saved the entire institution by delivering a superb choir performance with the other nuns and winning the competition! Watch the jolly trailer of the 2nd sequel here!

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