Newer adventures and coveted treasures await the premise of National Treasure 3 to be coming on theatres soon! Read all that you want to know!


Disney has never failed to amaze its fans with its elements of thrill, mystery, action, and a deep connotation of history! Do you smell something familiar? Yes, we are talking about the action-adventure film National Treasure that had taken the world in a storm, back in the year 2004 owing to its gripping story!

Now, sparks are once again ignited as the makers of the film are talking about a 3rd sequel. So, will it happen or won’t it happen? But, don’t worry as we have you covered. Read below to know all that you have to learn about this cult film!

National Treasure 3: Release Date

Although after the 2nd sequel premiered in the year 2009, it was decided that a 3rd part was evident in a couple of years. But strangely enough, it didn’t happen, until recently that is in the year 2020 as according to Jason Reed, the producer of the show, there were monetary issues.

But, seems like good news is on the front as the makers of the show have decided that the 3rd sequel of the movie is in the stage of production and you might get to watch the 3rd part in the theatres soon. Apart from that, National Treasure series will arrive on Disney Plus soon by the winter months of 2021 or in 2022!

National Treasure 3: Cast

Your favorite cast members are all set to return in the anticipated sequel! They include Nicolas Cage, in the primary character of Benjamin Franklin, a genius cryptologist his love interest Abigail Chase played by Diana Kruger, Justin Bartha aka the handsome Riley Poole, and Jon Voight in the shoes of Patrick Gates.

Other actors who might join are Harvey Keitel aka Agent Peter, Helen Mirren aka Emily Appleton, Bruce Greenwood, and Ian Howe in the role of Sean Bean. There is also a possibility of new actors to be introduced. let’s keep our options open, shall we?

National Treasure 3: Plot

We are still rendered clueless about the expected plot of the 3rd movie franchise as the filming is yet to begin. But just like the previous films, be assured that this time too there will be adrenaline-filled action, unseen adventures, dangers lurking everywhere in the form of natural calamities, animals, and even humans!

In the meantime be prepared to watch your favourite Benjamin aka Ben, try his best to save the expensive and ancient national treasures, under every cost or turbulent circumstances. But, this time the risks will be more grave and we also can’t wait to find out what will the antique treasure be this time!

National Treasure 2: Storyline

In the exciting 2nd part of the movie, we found Benjamin venture into the hidden Lost City Of Gold with his teammates to learn about his rich family history as well as one of his ancestors whom he learns was conspiring against Abraham Lincoln.

In the journey where he and his mates and ex-girlfriend visit many cities to uncover the truth and save his family heritage from shame. But in the process he encounters many setbacks which he jumps over gracefully even going to the extent of kidnapping the revered President saving him from the evil plans of Wilkinson and unearthing a mysterious book ! Watch the trailer of the 2nd sequel.

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