“Chapelwaite”: This recent autrocious series will be worth of your attention! Read more to know the details!


Chapelwaite must be on your list of currently watching the show and we are infallible of that! As the show has completed 5 episodes already, we are here to give you all a glimpse of the coming up episodes. This horror series has been gaining audiences from all around the world and in the first season itself has started leaving impacts on the people. Let’s dive into the details of this horror show!

Release Date: Chapelwaite Season 1

This is the first season of Chapelwaite which started to be broadcasted on 22nd August 2021 and has completed 5 episodes till now. The 5th episode was aired on 12th September 21 and the 6th episode will come on 3rd October which is named as the ‘The Offer’. We have no idea about how many total episodes it can be there in the first season but if the initial season is successful then we can expect season 2 in the later months of 2022. However, this is dicey because the story can be finished in the first season as well and we will let you the answer to this in coming up passages.

Cast: Chapelwaite

As it is a fresh show, we all need to get familiar with the star cast. Adrien Brody is heading the role of Captain Charles Boone, Rebecca Morgan’s role has been taken up by Emily Hampshire, Jennifer Ens is playing the role of Honor Boone, Loa Boone’s character is being enacted by Sirena Gulamgaus, Ian Ho is been taken up for the role of Tane Boone, Minister Burroughs’s role is being played by Gord Rand, Allegra Fulton is enacting the character of Ann Morgon and many other side characters whom you will encounter during the series.

Plot and Storyline: Chapelwaite

The series is based on the Stephens King 1978 short story Jerusalem Lot which is the reason why we feel that this horror series will be completed in the first season as well but there can be some chances of the second season if the creator wants to add on a storyline or gets a huge response from the audience. The series starts with Charles Boone who introduces his children to the sinister main mansion while grieving the recent loss of his wife. It is immediately clear that something monstrous is lurking in the shadows and more than just the racist townspeople that await them.

In the prologue, we are shown that the young Charles awakes to the sound of someone digging outside of his home in 1817, Massachusetts. Identifying the source of the noise, Charles witnesses his maddened father Robert brutalizing his mother before turning his attention to his sons. His mother shoots his husband and he dies and the mother shouts to Charles to go away as far as possible. This is a brief description of the first episode, now let’s talk about episode 6 which is the recent one. It is shown that Charles is on a horse and is carrying Loa’s (daughter) body which was return by Philip and Steven and is she dead? Well maybe, this isn’t revealed but Charles is not going to get Loa back as she isn’t a human anymore but a new creature and i.e a vampire. It is shown that he dumps her in the water and it will be vague if they take her out to drink blood. Charles takes a hard step where he shows his back to Loa and starts putting efforts to protect his current family members.

Trailer: Chapelwaite




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