Did you hear that Wayne Season 2 is getting a renewal soon? No? Then read below to find out all the upcoming adventures and fun!


Ever thought about why dark comedies are so popular? Because it kind of relates to our difficult adult life, isn’t it? One such Amazon Prime production that has been receiving quite a positive review from critics, as well as viewers, is the show titled Wayne. Mixed with drama, action, and slapstick comedy this show has won hearts!

Now after successfully running for the 1st season which ended in the previous year that is 2020, there have been speculations amongst fans about when the 2nd season is going to air. If you too belong to the crowd who wants answers, you have come to the right place! Read below to find out!

Wayne 2: Release Date

First released on YouTube Premium in the year 2019, upon grabbing eyeballs from the mass audience this adult-comedy series was taken up by Amazon Prime which got premiered on the 6th of November 2020. Now, there has been some news regarding a renewal. Let’s see what that is.

Well, Simmons who is the creator of the show has revealed that the script has been complete and they are just waiting for the process of production to begin and a nod from the Amazon Prime team. But, seeing the popularity of the show, you can surely expect the 2nd edition in the following year that is 2022, or in early 2023!

Wayne 2: Cast

Your favorite protagonists are bound to return for the upcoming series. They are  Mark McKenna aka Wayne himself, and his love interest Del aka the stunning actress Ciara Bravo! Dean Winters will reprise her role as Bobby too and Stephen Kearin might also return as Stephen Geller aka the Sergeant.

Other supporting cast members who are to make a comeback include Jamie Champagne and Jon Champagne, two real-life brothers, playing reel-life brothers aka Teddy as well as Carl respectively. James Earl aka Jay Ganetti, and Mike O’ Malley aka Tom Cole, the principal will also return!

Wayne 2: Plot

In the expected plot of the 2nd edition, we will be witnessing the life of Wayne who is currently residing at the juvenile correctional home owing to taking law into his own hands for revenge and committing crimes. But, there is a possibility that he might escape from prison.

If he manages to flee we might see him establishing right over all the wrongdoings he has encountered and get the desired justice which he has been craving for so long. Wayne can also be seen reuniting with his love Del, who was taken away from him, igniting an almost love story. This season Wayne might finally find peace within!

Wayne: Storyline

In the previous season, we watched Wayne a broken-hearted and awkward individual open up to Del who understands him like no one else and together they set forth on a thrilling road journey to retrieve Wayne’s father’s long-lost Trans-Am which he found out was actually stolen.

On the road trip, we witnessed them undergoing risky ventures, escaping the eyes of the law, and in short a roller-coaster ride of adventure, illegal fun, hilarious dialogues, and moments with a hint of a love story that kept the viewers hooked with anticipation. But by the end, Wayne gets arrested and Del is handed over to her father far away from Wayne. Watch the official trailer here!

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