Call The Midwife returning for a Christmas Special and a Season 11 on BBC! Here’s all the relevant highlights!


BBC has done wonders with the wonderful drama show that has captured the attention of audiences popularly termed as Call The Midwife which has given us a historical drama that is worthy of praise. Having a whooping 10 season, all of them loved by critics and viewers, there might be an 11th season on the cards!

Yes, fans have been dying to know when can they see the face of renewal as it has been a long time when the 10th season got a premiere. So, will it happen or won’t it happen? aTo clear all your doubts, we are here to give you all the necessary details. Read below to find out.

Call The Midwife 11: Release Date

Want to hear the good news? BBC has officially confirmed that there will definitely be the 11th edition of your favourite drama show soon! And to add the cherry on top of the cake BBC has even confirmed a 12th as well as a 13th season! Hence enjoy your loved series till the year 2024!

A special episode of Call The Midwife is set to return during Christmas that is the 25th, post which the production process of the 11th part will commence. Hence, you can begin your countdown from now as the anticipated 11th renewal will most likely appear on your screen by the year 2022 at the earliest!

Call The Midwife 11: Cast

All you appreciated and phenomenal actors are going to return for the 11th installment. They are Helen George aka the Nurse named Trixie Franklin, Leonie Elliot aka the Nurse named Lucille Anderson, Jenny Agutter aka Julienne, the sister, and Judy Parfitt aka Monica Joan.

Other actors returning for vital roles include Stephen McGann aka Dr. Turner, Laura Main aka Shelagh Turner, Cliff Parisi aka Fred Buckle, Linda Bassett aka Phyllis Crane, and Annabel Apison in the character of Violet Buckle are also making a return!

Call The Midwife 11: Plot

As this series sticks true to its historical era, we can find a lot of legislative happenings which occurred during the time of 1967. Thus, be prepared to watch incidents related to the Abortion Act of 1967 where women faced lots of ordeal and humiliation after finally achieving victory!

Other important highlights which can be showcased include the legal action taken against the Sexual Offences Act as well. We will be seeing women taking relevant action and fighting against what’s right in a feminist approach that will surely leave a mark on you witnessing all that the women had to face earlier!

Call The Midwife 10: Storyline

In the 10th season, we saw women facing many issues dealing with the strictly orthodox society, fighting the patriarchy and the unwanted male gaze. It showcased the beginning of modernization where women recognized their worth and decided to put forth their opinions and voice.

There is also a glimpse of an essential all-women campaign of nuns focusing on relevant issues and a blooming love story between Lucille as well as her lover Cyril who are more likely to get married. The serene lives of nuns are also put forward along with a number of social issues. Grab the 10th trailer here!

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