Camp Cretaceous Season 4 is going to be a roller-coaster ride of adventure and dangers! Read all that is about to happen in this upcoming Netflix production!


Gnarly beasts coming for your dear lives has always been a fan favourite amongst the wide population. And when Netflix decided to produce the animated version of Jurassic Park, already a cult classic, titled Camp Cretaceous, both the kids and the adults had been taken by a sweet surprise.

After a successful 3rd season which left the audiences in a cliffhanger, fans all over the world has been clamouring for a 4th season as soon as possible because apparently, they can’t live with the anticipation. So is a renewal under process? To find out, read below!

Camp Cretaceous 4: Release Date

The latest season that is the 3rd edition premiered on the streaming platform Netflix, on the 21st of May this year aka 2021. But seems like due to all the love that has been pored down upon this action/thriller series, Netflix has finally decided to come up with a 4th instalment soon!

But as of now, we know that the process of production is still in the nascent stage or probably it has hardly even begun thus it will be a long wait that’s for sure. But have you noticed a pattern regarding the airing? Each season aired after a gap of 4 months. Hence it’s more than likely that the 4th edition will be released somewhere by the winter months of 2021!

Camp Cretaceous 4: Cast

Expect to see all your favourite cast back on screen for the renewal. They will include Paul Mikel Williams aka Darius Bowman, Sean Giambrone will lend his voice to Ben Pincus, Jenna Ortega will be voicing Brooklynn, and the character of Yaz will be taken over by Kausar Mohammed.

Other supporting casts who will make a comeback is Ryan Potter aka Kenji Kon as well as Rani Rodriguez reprising as Sammy Gutierrez. We might also have the opportunity to see newer faces. But that’s yet to be decided!

Camp Cretaceous 4: Plot

In the expected plot we might witness Darius, Kenji, Brooklynn, Ben, Sammy, and Yasmina the fearless teenagers who are also campers sail away to some unknown territory if they fail to return to the island of Jurassic World and might get stranded in other dangerous islands like that of Isla Sorna where more man-eating dinosaurs might await them.

But even if they manage to escape on the tiny little boat there will be new dangers and ordeals awaiting them from which they have to protect themselves and enter a more safe place. Expect to see some adventures and risks unfolding before your eyes keeping you on the edge for the entire duration of the 4th season!

Camp Cretaceous 3: Storyline

In the nail-biting 3rd part of this Netflix endeavor, we found these six indomitable kids move further and further away from their original destination that is none other than Jurassic World. By the final moments, we saw that after a lot of struggle and dangerous hide-and-seek moments from the malicious dinosaurs they flee Isla Nublar for good!

But, the suspense and shock begin here! Much to the horror of the watchers, we find that on the almost ruined boat where these 6 kids escape there is a dinosaur crouched under the lower part of the deck, much to their oblivion. Is it a vegan dinosaur or a man-eating one that’s for the next edition to decide! Watch the trailer of 3rd season here!

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