Crash Landing on You: Countries differences cannot stop a love story to begin and this series proves it right!


Korean drama has gained demand among various people and fans most favorite romantic series is coming back on Netflix again with a loud bang! Crash Landing on You has received immense affection from the viewers and to carry on this legacy, creators are again coming back with season 2. So without any further delay let’s give you all the information about the series!

Release Date: Crash Landing on You Season 2

The first season got broadcasted on Netflix in December 2019 and got finished in February month of 2020. There are no official announcements about the release date of season 2 but we got to know from our sources that the creators have decided the location for the shooting of the sequel and soon the production house will come to work and things will start happening on the right pace. There are rumors that the series will start from the initial months of 2022 but looking at the COVID-19 situation we don’t believe that the series will land up so soon in front of our screens but let us hope for the best and assume that it will be released in the later month of 2022 or early 2023.

Cast: Crash Landing on You

The plot and cast of season 2 are tightly wrapped as there is no official trailer so we cannot substantiate the point that if there are going to be any new faces in the series. Let us make you familiar with the charming star cast of Korean drama. Hyun Bin is heading the role of Ri-Jeong-Hyeok, Yoon Se-ri’s character is being enacted by Son Ye-jin,  Seo Ji-Hye is enacting the character on Seo Dan, Goo Seung-Joon role is been enacted by Kim Jung-Hyun, Yang Kyung-won is been taken up for the role of Pyo Chi-soo and many other side characters who have lit up the entire season 1. Mostly the main cast is the two couples whom we have mentioned firstly.

Storyline: Crash Landing on You

It is a complicated love story where the girl is residing in South Korea and the boy is residing in North Korea, countries differences bring distance among the people. The series is filled with romance, comedy, and political drama. The story starts with the female lead where Yoon Se-ri who is a successful businesswoman and is only liked by her father and nobody else. Se-ri’s father decides to make her his successor as he knows that his sons are not that capable.

One day she goes paragliding and due to a sudden storm, she lands in North Korea. She finds herself being stuck in a tree and encounters a soldier from North Korea’s army who was about to shoot when she falls in his arms. She tries to run but eventually lands up in a nearby village where captain Ri-Jeong-Hyeok saves her and takes her to his home after he has listened to the tale of Se-ri as he was of good heart even if belonging to a rival country. Captain’s four companions who were showed as the dangerous soldiers turned out to be friendly and get along well with the lady. Intriguing right? Watch the season to know how the love starts to blossom between the two and how she returns to her home.

Trailer: Crash Landing on You


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