“Love Season 4” won’t be coming up on your Netflix watch list! Read more to know the details!


A lot of romantic series are being given by various web maybe the reason could be that youngsters have made the loving aura around the globe and this can be a reason why so many web series with romantic genres are landing up on OTT platforms. Netflix came up with the ‘Love’ series which captured the audience’s attention easily but is the series really based on romance? Well, it is a mixture of both comedy and romance. After doing three successful seasons, fans are eagerly waiting for the fourth season. So when should we expect another season? Read further to know the answer!

Release Date: Love Season 4

Creators of the series  Judd Apatow, Lesley Arfin, and Paul Rust initially had a plan to just release the two seasons but watching the series getting so much love they decided to broadcast season 3 as well but there seems to be no hint of season 4 coming up! Why? because season 3 got aired in 2018 and if season 4 had to come it would have been on our screens long ago but this is not the case so that brings us to the point that season 3 was the finale of the whole series.

Cast: Love Season 4

Let us introduce you to the main star cast of the ‘Love’ series who are the faces of season 1. Gillian Jacobs is taken up for the role of  Mickey Dobbs,  Gus Cruikshank’s role is being played by Paul Rust, Claudia O’Doherty is heading the role of  Bertie Bauer,  Randy Monahan’s role is been enacted by Mike Mitchell, Chris Witaske is heading the role of  Chris Czajkowski, Kevin’s role is been taken up by  Jordan Rock and many other side characters who have long-lasting effects on the series.

Storyline: Love

This American drama revolves around a couple who have very different personalities or you can say just the opposite. If someone is south, the other is North and if someone is East the other is West. As the series is filled with humor, it can interest you and if you have or know someone with a complex relationship that doesn’t seem to be like a relationship at all then it’s for them! Mickey Dobbs is an extrovert who likes to get hooked up, get drenched in the hangover of alcohol, and have strong urges for physical relations but on the other hand, Gus is an introvert who likes to stay within himself and not bother people much. As online dating is on-trend among people, this series also shows that the main couple meets each other on a dating app and it is all the game of likes and dislikes.

Very strangely the creator himself mentioned that this series is made to give a moral lesson to each couple and i.e eliminate the differences rather than eliminating the relationship. So is it worth giving time to this series? Well yes, it is. The show is not going to bore you and will have a touch of comedy in all the drama. It can be one of our good suggestions so as we made it clear that three seasons were all for the show, you all who haven’t seen the series can hit Netflix and start binging!

Trailer: Love Season 3


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