“Raising Dion Season 2” release date has been announced!! Read here to know what we have known so far!


Speaking and imagining about the superheroes, and their power acquisition all makes the audience feel happy and energetic. One such movie that brings energy and enthusiasm is “Raising Dion” the sequel of this movie is going to be released. Without much ado let us dive into the topic!

Release date: Raising Dion S2

Season 2 was officially substantiated by Netflix and the administrative producer for this film in the previous season came back for S2. This film was listed among the top 15 most popular movies on Netflix. The release date wasn’t declared openly yet but the sequel was corroborated. The filming process is going on. That was happy news to all fans of the movie raising Dion.

Cast: Raising Dion S2

The casts that were in the first season will work in the second season also. Some of the main characters of this movie are Dion, Nicole, Esperanza, Suzanne, Kat, Mark, Deirdre Lovejoy, etc.

Some new casts are encompassed in the second part. They are Rome Flynn, Tracey Bonner, Tevin Wakefield, Bonner, Janelle, etc. The cast’s list was not yet certainly declared. But the characters in this may or may not come in the next season.

Plot: Raising Dion S2

It is a Netflix sequel based on an amusing book and quick-lapsed film by a famous author Dennis. It deals with a 7-year-old chap Dion, who got superpowers from his father Mark. He has the powers like telekinesis, teleportation, invisible, etc.

In season one, the story dealt with the main lead Dion who realise his powers and taking his training to govern his powers. Mark’s soul often appears and disappears in the movie which is beyond logic. It misses logic at the end of the first series.

This story deals with a kid with his extraordinary power who saves his father’s soul which was trapped by the antagonist. So the kid saves his beloved father from the clutches of an antagonist, by overcoming many challenges.

Storyline: Raising Dion S2

A fresh outfit for the protagonist was designed by the people of Biona who are good guys trying to assist Dion to win against the antagonist who trapped his father’s soul.

A little courtship in the life of Nicole may be possible and that attracts more audiences from far away distances.

This story’s antagonist is a crooked man who has heinous energy that controls Dion and manipulates him to do evil things but his spirit lived on so he overcame that hurdle. His mother Nicole and her A-team battle as much as they could to overthrow the shady energy.

Trailer: Raising Dion S2

Trailers are the most consoling thing to quench one’s thirst. Of watching movies. If it is that important, don’t we have any sample clips as trailers for the film? Yes! Here is the trailer for the movie Raising Dion S1 as there is no official trailer for S2. Grab your drinks and popcorn and tune the remote until you reach your desired channel. If you are first to read this article, go first to watch season 1 of Raising Dion. Have your coke and snacks aside while you are watching the films. Enjoy the videos and stay tuned for more updates!


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