“Imposters Season 3”: This psychological thriller has been running fast in the minds of aficionados! Click to know all the other details too!


“Bravo! Not a bravo job!” Says the fan who was waiting for Imposter Season 3 to come in front of their screens. The Imposter series has already created a gigantic fan base across the world but there is darkness written in the destiny of this series and what are the creator’s and the broadcasting company’s thoughts about it? This psychological thriller has been running fast in the minds of aficionados and this brings us to write for them to calm their nerves down!

Release Date: Imposter Season 3

Keeping hope is good but keeping hope for this series might be a heartbreak! Bravo the official broadcasting channel canceled the show which means fans who are waiting for season 3 should now switch to some other series but still there is hope, Netflix has adopted the series by taking the right of distribution which gives a chance of season 3 coming up directly on Netflix but is the Netflix going to do it? Well, that’s the story of later. The second season streamed on Netflix from 5th April 2019 and it is now almost 2 years that there is no announcement about another season which makes it crystal clear that the show is almost canceled and season 2 was the finale!

Cast: Imposters

The series has successfully completed two seasons which has got immense love from the audience. Let us get familiar with the star cast of Imposter who have helped it gain popularity with their superb acting skills. Inbar Lavi is heading the role of Maddie, Ezra Bloom’s character is been enacted by Rob Heaps, Parker Young is playing the role of Richard Evans, for Jule’s role Marianne Rendón has been signed up, Stephen Bishop is enacting the character of Patrick and there are many talented actors who have lit up the show with their skills.

Storyline: Imposter

Adam Brooks and Paul Adelstein are the creators of this dark, intense, comedy and psychological thriller show. We are going to discuss this in brief about the plot and setup of the first episode of Season 1. We are shown a setup of cafe area in an airport where people are in a great rush or are relaxing with their coffee. Maddie is sitting up on one of the tables with a man dressed up as a businesswoman and has a calm gesture. But is she really like that which she pretends to be? Well, spoiler alert! She is really not anybody’s cup of tea.

This beautiful woman loves to rob people of everything they had by flexing her beauty. She is shown with a man who orders a beer for himself and they get into a short conversation where the man tells her that she looks like his brother’s wife but due to his dicey memory is not able to recollect anything. She breaks the conversation and moves out of the cafe without telling her name which makes the young man run after her but unfortunately he fails to catch up with her. Maddie is shown as a cunning woman who works with her team to destroy people’s life by playing with their minds but can she continue this always? Well, catch up with the series on Netflix to know more about her and the story in which she gets tricked herself.

Trailer: Imposter Season 2


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