“Queen Of The South Season 6” is going to release or not? Click to know Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline, and everything we know so far!


Nowadays, Netflix is becoming a member of every family. Everyone in a family watches their favorite show on Netflix and waits for the upcoming series. The devotion towards Netflix is increased especially in this pandemic situation. One such attractive series is “Queen of the South”. Let us know more about this topic here! Without much bustle let us venture into the topic!

Release Date: Queen of the South S6

Unfortunately, there is no release of season 6 of the series Queen of the South. It is shocking news for all the fans of the series Queen of the South. Even Netflix didn’t announce the release or production of season 6. As there is no official information, there revolves around a rumor among the fans that the last episode of season 5 will be the end of the series. Even this information was not declared officially.

Cast: Queen of the South S6

There are some familiar casts and characters in this movie. They are listed below separately for your convenience.

Cast: Alice Braga, Hemky Madera, Alfonso Herrera, Veronica Falcon, Justina, Peter, Gerardo, Joaquim, Jon-Michael, Nick, David, etc.

Characters: Teresa, Dona, Brenda Parra, James Valdez, Pote Galvez, Cesar, Don Epifanio, Raymundo, DEA agent, Alberto Cortez, Isabel a Car gas, Javier Jimenez, Judge Cecil Lafayette, Kelly, etc.

Plot: Queen of the South S6

Mexican woman who was born in a poor family and became a wealthy person. She underwent many life-threatening challenges in the process of becoming wealthy. She fell in love with a drug cartel in Mexico.

Unfortunately, her boyfriend was slaughtered by a drug dealer. To take revenge for her boyfriend’s murder, she seeks refugee from the US. After getting in the US, with her old acquaintance, she takes on the murderer.

Then she created a team and becomes a drug dealer herself and earned much wealth. Whatever the money she earned, she felt no peace in her heart as she felt like she was hunted by some problems.

Storyline: Queen of the South S6

This movie has five seasons, 62 episodes, and each episode runs for about 35-50 minutes. This film was produced by Frequency films and more production companies were involved in it.

A quick recap of these seasons is here. This movie revolves around the character Teresa. She is the protagonist of the movie. Here the conflict is between, Teresa and her internal as well as external issues. She took the wrong decision of earning much money in a short period span and gone and fell into the pit of problems. No one knows how did she earn such a big money. But the viewers know how did she earn such a big amount. She became a drug dealer herself and faces many challenges in the process of becoming wealthy.

Trailer: Queen of the South S6

The trailer of season 6 of the movie Queen of the south was not out as this season was not officially confirmed yet. So here is the trailer of season 5 of the movie Queen of the South. If you are new to this movie, go grab your coke and corn and enjoy your time with your friends and family! Stay tuned for more updates!


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