The sequel of 365 Days starring Michele Morrone is going to be a sexier watch confirms Netflix! Read all the hot and sultry details below!


Has the title lured you in already? Well we don’t blame you! This steamy film popularly titled as 365 days had us sweating profusely grabbing the bedsheets in yearning, desire, and anticipation ever since Netflix released the original film! Now there have been stirring rumors of a 2nd sequel!

Yeah we know you might be squealing with excitement to know more about the exciting details of the 2nd edition! Thus, we are here to clarify all your burning questions! Read below to find out more!

356 days 2: Release Date

Our pandemic days seemed to go by seamlessly as we had 365 Days which aired on 2020 to binge-watch the entire time making the singles and even the couples simp after the protagonists and their dangerous relationship!

Now, Netflix has officially announced that the 2nd installment of this top 10 Netflix show will be making a comeback in the following year that is 2022. The process of production has already begun in the month of May. And what’s more, the drama series is also lined up for a 3rd sequel as well! It’s going to be a blast for sure!

365 Days 2: Cast

Without whom the show would have been impossible are absolutely making a return for the 2nd sequel. They are the Greek God Michele Morrone as the gangster Massimo and her victim turned lover Laura will be played by none other than the stunning Anna-Maria Sieklucka.

Apart from these central characters the sequel will also introduced newer characters like the phenomenal actor Simone Susinna aka Nacho. Other supporting cast members include Magdalena Lamparska aka Olga and OtarSaralidze aka Dominico. We can’t wait to witness how these characters unfold on screen!

365 Days 2: Plot

Based on a novel of the same name the expected sequel is determined to follow the footsteps of the novel itself. After a suspenseful ending in the prequel we might find both Massimo and his lover Laura restart their relationship after Massimo turns a new leaf.

We might witness how Massimo leads a normal life after he quits being a feared gangster for his sweetheart. Or Massimo’s turbulent and dangerous past can catch up on him ruining his current life! There is also an indication of Laura’s pregnancy post which Massimo decides to marry her. But then again the evil Nacho will ruin it too by kidnapping Laura again!

365 Days: Storyline

We don’t need to provide a recap as you all must have watched the movie but here’s the recap nevertheless. This movie deals with a feared and of course handsome gangster meddled in serious crimes who out of a deal kidnaps a working woman named Laura. He dictates that he would keep Laura for 1 year aka 365 days and make her fall head over heels for Massimo!

And this begins the story of passion as Laura playfully teases Massimo to escape but eventually they fall in love but dangers don’t leave them as Massimo shoots and kills a guy who dared to touch Laura. But after a lot of drama, violence, and raunchy moments Laura leaves Massimo’s place but they reunite at a masquerade party where Massimo professes his love for her and Laura accepts. Watch the official trailer here!

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