“Heartland Season 14”: Heartland has completed a decade + four seasons and the fans have a lot of curiosity for Season 14 to commence!!


Cherish breathing with horses? So do the characters of Heartland! Brought up and shot up in the composure and calmness of Canada with family’s love and support. Heartland has completed a decade + four seasons and the fans have a lot of curiosity for season 14 to commence as of the more the series will get delay, the more fear of it getting canceled will grow! So without any further ado let us talk about your favorite series.

Release Date: Heartland Season 14

The above post is a sneak peek through the shooting of season 14. However, there is no official announcement about the release date of season 14 but we got to know from sources that the shooting of this season has been successfully done, and the viewers will get to watch the show in the later months of 2021 or initial months of 2022. Since the beginning of the show, there has been a different premiere day for TV and online streaming platforms. Also, it heavily varies with the geographic locations. Fans in Canada have already completed their season 15 but fans in other parts of the globe have not even got season 14 in their hands.

Cast: Heartland

We have caught an extended trailer of season 14 but that doesn’t seem to reveal anything about new actors in the series. So if you haven’t seen the whole series we are here to give you details about the star cast. Amber Marshall is playing the role of Amy Fleming, Samantha Lousie Fleming’s role is been enacted by Michelle Morgan, Graham Wardle has signed up for the role of Ty Borden, Lyndy Borden’s character is been taken up by Ruby Spencer and Emmanuella Spencer, Shaun Johnston has signed up for the role of Jack Bartlett, Tim Fleming’s role is being enacted by Shaun Johnston and many other talented actors who have lit up this show.

Storyline: Heartland

This series is originated in Canada and is based on the book by Lauren Brooke who has written 26 books based on Heartland and it revolves around two sisters Amy and Lou. It starts with them living on a horse ranch with their mother and grandfather and in the very first episode their mother is killed and they face a shocking family tragedy and the two girls start to live under the supervision of their grandfather. The show introduces us to a man who is troubled with the law and as a part of his probation, grandpa Jack agrees to have him come and work as a farmhand on the horse ranch and he is named Ty.

The most fascinating part of the show is that you see the actors grew up in the show. In the first season, Amy was 15 years old and by the 14th Season, she is 29 years old. It is a heartwarming family drama that will make you move along with them in their ups and downs and soon you will start attaching yourself with them. The beautiful scenery captivates the minds of the audience. If you haven’t watched this series, pal you are missing out on a great show! All the family values and binding affection among family members will make this one your favorite!

Trailer: Heartland Extended trailer season 14



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