“Siren Season 4”: Siren series is fortunate enough to have got a great fate! Click here to know the details!


Undertaken by Freefrom, the Siren series had been in the spotlight for a long duration. If you keep a keen interest in mythology, the Siren series can be one of your interests. The anticipation for season 4 is growing massive after the creators’ Dean White and Eric Wald announced the rejuvenation of the Siren series. So all the fans have landed upon the right article as we will share all the fragments with you!

Release Date: Siren Season 4

Siren series is fortunate enough to have got a great fate! Why? because if we observe the trend of all the T.V shows and series all are just being delayed but finally the date for the series is officially declared and the series is set to come back on 22nd September 2022. Rumors were flying like pamphlets on social media and the internet about season 4 getting canceled but the creators have now sorted all the clouds which were hiding the series. Season 3 started to broadcast on 2nd April 2020 although the pandemic delayed the production for another season but didn’t push it on the verge of getting canceled.

Cast: Siren

As far as now there is no update of the trailer so it is quite difficult to predict that if there are going to be some new characters but the focus will be primarily on the main characters who have set the aura of the series so let us get familiar with them.

Eline Powell is heading the role of Ryn Fisher, Ben Pownall’s role has been taken up by Alex Roe,  Ian Verdun has signed up for the role of Xander McClure, Fola Evans-Akingbola is playing the role of Maddie Bishop, Helen Hawkins’s character is being enacted by Rena Owen, Sibongile Mlambo is playing the role of Donna, Tia’s role has been taken up by Tiffany Lonsdale and there are many other side characters like Janine’s role is been enacted by Hannah Levien, Garcelle Beauvais has signed up for Susan Bishop and Jerry’s role taken up by David A. Kaye and many more.

Storyline: Siren

The siren was undoubtedly one of the most popular fantasy shows to have ever existed. The series was adapted from the Greek mythological characters. The show was initially aired in 2018 and has gained a lot of popularity among the audiences and here we are to discuss the brief storyline. The series starts with a police officer who was waiting for somebody near the church, once the other person arrives both of them scan the area inside the church which is filled with dead bodies and visages of animals. While scanning the area it was observed that some type of ritual must have been performed over here.

The officer followed the blood footprints which were leading the way from floor to roof. The other man named Nyx stays chill throughout and it felt like he knew everything that was happening. And so comes the horror when the policeman dies after getting attacked by a monster named Lily whose quality was to control anyone with her soothing voice and Nyx makes her his slave by locking her up. You feel the horror right? More interest will be developed if you will go through all the three-season and will get to know the connection between monstrous mermaids and humans.

Trailer: Siren Season 3



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