What would be Ian and Poppi’s relationship equation in Mythic Quest Season 3? Read below to have all the latest updates!


Perhaps one of the most underrated comedy shows on Apple TV plus is the hilarious and interesting show termed Mythic Quest! Although there’s hardly any hype unlike other shows, true lovers of comedy have successfully grabbed the concept of Mythic Quest and have showered their love to the 2 seasons!

Now, after the abrupt ending of the 2nd season which has left the viewers guessing and asking for more, fans have been wondering what’s on with the 3rd sequel? Is it happening or is it not happening? To clear your doubts, read below!

Mythic Quest 3: Release Date

The funny yet witty part 2 finale happened on the 25th of June this year that is 2021, disappointing fans. Since then we haven’t heard any specific news about the renewal or dismissal of the upcoming version. But the creator does have a few points to share. Let’s see what they are.

According to Rob McElhenney starring and creator of the show has neither confirmed nor denied the renewal of Mythic Quest. According to him, he’s busy with another project as of now but he does have a sequel in mind! Hence, let’s not give up hope yet as there’s a possibility of a 3rd instalment by the mid months of 2022 or early 2023!

Mythic Quest 3: Cast

Since the production hasn’t even begun there’s no official statement of the return of new or previous actors. But chances are the primary characters are going to return. They are Rob McElhenney himself aka Ian Grimm, Charlotte Nicdao aka Poppy Li, and Ashley Burch aka Rachael.

Other actors likely to come back include Jessie Ennis aka Jo, Danny Pudi aka Brad Bakshi, David Hornsby aka David Brittlesbee, Shelly Henning aka A.E. Goldsmith and F. Murray Abraham aka C.W. Longbottom!

Mythic Quest 3: Plot

After an abrupt finale, we do hope that the creator and director continue the storyline in the 3rd edition too. We could see Ian compete against Poppy as now both are on bad terms and have gotten equally powerful. Will they end up sorting their problems or does more arguments on the list? That’s for the sequel to decide!

Be prepared to witness laughs, corny jokes, and an even hilariously brilliant plot in the coming season. The characters are likely to cross paths with one another again and there is a high chance of fresh pairings and newer territories to explore! We are already excited!

Mythic Quest 2: Storyline

Set in a mystical town known as Mythic Quest, in the entire 2nd season we witnessed both Ian as well as Poppi finally earn each other’s respect but soon the softness between them disappears as they both start viewing each other as rivals which hint at a Cold War soon to begin.

As both of them leave David starts to look after the restaurant, struggling in the process. In another scene, we find Danny Pudi deliberately getting arrested to save Jo and gain “street credibility”. There was also the adorable love story between Rachael and her long-distance boyfriend Dana with a beautiful depiction of C.W. Longbottom’s incredible past! Watch the season 2 trailer here!

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