After getting mixed responses from the audiences, creators of “Hell Fest 2” see a dicey future of the film but does that stop them from making a sequel?


After getting mixed responses from the audiences, creators see a dicey future of the film but does that stop them from making a sequel? Hell Fest languished to fascinate viewers to itself but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t gain some lovers. Fans are eagerly waiting for the sequel of the movie but the question is it really coming? Well, leave that on us! We are going to give all the details which you as a fan are looking for.

Release Date: Hell Fest

As we mentioned earlier Hell Fest wasn’t that captivating and after not being able to make much of a profit in the box office due to which we are not able to corroborate that if the sequel will get a green flag from the creators. However, there are rumors that the production of Hell Fest 2 has started so even if there is an official announcement about the film, it won’t be coming before 2023. Hell Fest came internationally in theatre on 27th September 2018 and there seems to be a lot of delay for the second movie.

Cast: Hell Fest

There doesn’t seem to be any hope for the sequel movie and due to which we don’t even have any official trailer. Although there might be an entry of a new actor that’s the talk of later. Let us get familiar with the star cast if you are planning to keep an eye on this movie. Amy Forsyth is heading the role of Natalie, Brook’s role is been enacted by Reign Edwards, Tony Todd has signed up for The Barker, Security Guard’s role has been taken up by Michael Tourek, Britney’s character is been played by Courtney Dietz, The Other’s Daughter’s role is being enacted by Elle Graham, Stephen Conroy is playing the role of The Other and Creepy Park Owner’s role is taken up by Daniel Wilson. The role sounds childish but you can speculate that what was the reason for it not going well.

Storyline: Hell Fest

If you haven’t watched the movie then we have a brief description of the storyline! The movie starts with a haunted house that is filled with ghost imitators. We see a girl wandering around who is stopped by a ghost who has a creepy and disgusting mask whom the girl thinks is a fake ghost who is just there to scare her but then she gets stabbed with a knife and gets hanged over there and the scene abruptly ends. Then we are introduced to some college friends who have the last day of college and in order to make it memorable they decide to go to a place named Hell Fest but Natalie denies going there as she seemed to dislike it but eventually gets filled with spirits when she gets to know that her guy friend is also showing up in the party.

Hell Fest was in fact a Halloween festival that comprised of many scary things. So is the party going to cost a lot to the college girls? Well, watch the movie to know more as we don’t believe in adding spoilers. The reason why it didn’t create a great impact was because of childish horror and didn’t give the chills to the audience, so if you aren’t a pro horror lover this movie can be good for you!

Trailer: Hell Fest





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