Replicants and Blade Runners to give you an adventurous watch for Blade Runner Black Lotus Coming to your screens soon! Check for all the details here!


One of the latest ventures of Crunchyroll and Adult Swim is the latest production of a Japanese anime popularly titled Blade Runner Black Lotus. This newest adaption, as is revealed will loosely follow the story of a science fiction novel titled Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?  written by Philip K. Dick.

Since action lovers and fans have already watched the earlier Blade Runner film franchise, their expectations are already high about this new anime. Hence, to quench your thirst for information read below for all the upcoming updates about the film!

Blade Runner Black Lotus: Release Date

It has been revealed by the makers in a tweet in November 2020 that the production process has already begun and they would announce the date of release once everything is wrapped up. Now, that filming is complete, it’s up to the two streaming platforms that are Crunchyroll as well as Adult Swim to state the premiere date.

But, we are not left all clueless as the show makers have disclosed that Blade Runner Black Lotus will be returning to your screens with 13 magnificent episodes by the Fall season this very year, that is 2021! Have a little more patience, okay?

Blade Runner Black Lotus: Cast

We know you must be curious to know, who will be voicing the characters of this series. So, here they are, Jessica Henwick voicing Elle, Will Yun Lee aka Joseph, Samira Wiley aka Alani Davis, Brian Cox aka Niander Wallace Sr, and Josh Duhamel aka Marlowe.

Other voiceover artists consist of Peyton List aka Josephine Grant, Stephen Root aka Earl Grant, Barkhad Abdi aka Doc Badger, and Gregg Henry aka Senator Bannister. All these artists will do a phenomenal job for sure!

Blade Runner Black Lotus: Plot

The directors and voiceover artists have done a great job in veiling the details of the plot of this new series. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have our speculations especially when we know that Blade Runner Black Lotus will take off after the two previous films. Hence in the latest movie titled Blackout where we saw an immense replicant attack!

Thus, in the recent series, we are to be introduced to Elle, who is transformed into a woman replicant for mysterious purposes, most likely to cause damage. But this series will also include special elites coming from  Los Angeles, a secret society made to assassinate the replicants.

There will also be a tremendous face-off between the powerful Blade Runners as well as the evil black marketers who are there to destroy the planet. Expect to see lots of action, wars, dangerous creatures, and power-packed action sequences in this newest series that will keep you hooked from the beginning till the end. Till its official airing date, watch the mind-blowing trailer of Black Lotus here!

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