Sonic the Hedgehog to be releasing in your nearest theatres soon enough with more adventures! Here’s all the quick updates!


The first one exceeded the expectations and now fans have been asking for a sequel! We are talking about the action/animation popularly termed Sonic the Hedgehog! Ever since the original film landed up on the screen in 2021, it has been one of the highest grossers post-pandemic!

So, will we be witnessing our all-time favorite blue hedgehog on screens soon enough or are we not? Seems like good news is on the front! Can’t wait to know all the details? Read below to find out!

Sonic Hedgehog 2: Release Date

Creators of the film have revealed that they began the production process in May this year aka 2021 and wrapped up the entire thing by end of July. Do you know what that means? The sequel to Sonic is barely months away!

Enough of suspicion! The moment of revelation is here! The expected sequel is all set to return to your nearest screen on the 8th of April, 2022! We do hope that the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t massacre this date and we get to witness this animation on the silver screens soon enough!

Sonic Hedgehog 2: Cast

Don’t be worried, as your favorite voiceover artists are to return for the sequel. That would be, Ben Schwartz lending his voice to the quirky hedgehog Sonic, while James Marsden will also be voicing Tom Wachowski and Tika Sumpter will be reprising Maddie Wachowski as well!

Other supporting artists include the phenomenal Jim Carrey aka Dr. Robotnik an important character in the Sonic movies, Adam Pally aka Wade Whipple, Natasha Rothwell aka Rachael, and the stunning Idris Elba will lend her voice to Knuckles. The newer cast is also to make an appearance too!

Sonic Hedgehog 2: Plot

Although makers have successfully kept the plot under tight wraps we do know that Sonic’s love interest Talis will play a major role in the sequel as will Dr. Robotnik who will try and return to his homeland which is Green Hills and what he might do with Sonic’s weapon, quill.

Knuckles will also reprise an impressive character with much happening in her life that would be highlighted in the sequel, and the trailer suggests that there will be an epic face-off between Sonic well as Dr. Robotnik as they are in the quest for the coveted emerald with mysterious powers! It’s time to see who gets hold of it first!

Sonic Hedgehog: Storyline

Set in a fantasy world, the storyline follows the tracks of a hedgehog who has superpowers of speed, and teams up with a funny fellow aka Tom Wachowski, also a sheriff to put an end to the mad and dangerous experiments of Dr. Robotnik who dreams of conquering the world!

In the film, we saw that using sky tactics Robotnik grabs Sonic’s most powerful weapon, a quill, and intends to use it for malicious practices. We also witnessed Robotnik being banished to another dimension known as Mushroom Island by Sonic and his mates, he fails to take away his quill! In the final moments’ Tails, whom Sonic loves secretly, also makes an appearance. Watch the action trailer of the 2nd sequel!

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