“Temptation Island Season 4”: It is coming back in front of screens to give us insights into humans and their behavior but when is it coming back?


When we are exhausted from being in the fantasy land, reality seems to be much more comforting and that’s why a famous reality show named Temptation Island is coming back in front of screens to give us insights into humans and their behavior but when is it coming back? That you will get to know when you will stick with this article throughout!

Release Date: Temptation Season 4

After season 3 got delayed due to COVID-19, Season 4 was destined to be delayed. But we got to know from sources that the production for the same has already begun and we might see the beginning of season 4 episodes from later months of 2021 or early months of 2023 but wait fans! there is still not an official announcement for it! You need to hold your horses for this reality show to get premiered. Initially, it was broadcasted in the time span of 10th January 2001 to 29th September 2008 and 15th January 2019 to the present time.

Cast: Temptation Island

Temptation Island being a reality show doesn’t have any particular cast and story through which it goes along. It consists of contestants who become part of the show after getting scrutinize well. There goes a well-planned procedure for getting selected in Temptation Island and the creators of the show don’t invite any star cast to be the part of the show as a contestant.

Storyline: Temptation Island

There is no such storyline in a reality show and the same goes for this show. Its aura is filled with charming men and gorgeous ladies who come over together at one place to build a relationship but how do they find out if they are compatible or not? The show makes the couple go through lots of ups and downs which helps them understand the behavior and insights of their partner and when the relationship doesn’t seem to bloom, separation is the only path which the couple chooses and the most difficult for any man and woman is to stay loyal to their partner when they see glamour around. So the show grew with lots of fan base and got the tag of popular US reality show with lots of views. In season 3 there were four couples who had different stories from each other and they are-

Kendal and Enrica

Both of them got separated when they saw the loyalty diminishing. Enrica took a bold step by standing up for her. She made Kendal realize that it is not about one person in a relationship and especially a boy! It is for both of them and Enrica made her stance clear that she loves herself more than anybody else.

Erin and Corey

Trust forms the root of a relationship and when this seems to be weak, it gets clear that the relationship is going to fall soon and that’s what happened with both of them when Erin took the step for separation.

Kristen and Julian

The most loyal and compatible couple of Temptation Island is planning to tie a permanent bond between them on 22nd July 2022.

Chelsea and Tom

Relationship and complications both seem to be equal for this couple as both of them want to stay together but are caught up in some different world but they are working it out together.

If you haven’t watched the show yet, you can catch them on Hulu, FOX TV, and YouTube Tv! It can be worthy of your time if you love to see how the relationship grows up after tackling jealousy, anger, and possessiveness.

Trailer: Temptation Island Season 3



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